In Memoriam

This page is currently under development and will be used to remember all the felines who shared their lives with me and helped make this blog special.


Little Bug (aka Buggy)


My name may be Little Bug, but I’m far from little. As the oldest of the felines in the house, I don’t put up with any kind of nonsense. The humans may think that they are in charge of everything around here, but if they only knew how tightly I have them wrapped around my little paws, especially at mealtime. When all is said and done, I AM a feline equivalent of a Red Hat Society member. Female: Check (and Calico), Over 50: Check (10+ years old, you do the math), & Attitude: Heck ya! Just ask the dog. I like to spend my day’s lounging on the bed with a good book, basking in the sun, and getting in plenty of lap time with my humans. Oh, and did I mention I like hats? I mean I REALLY like hats! My favorite authors include Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, and Virginia Woolf.


WillowWisp (aka Willow)


I’m a Silver Tabby-Siamese mix and yes my eyes are crossed. Gotta problem with that? I love getting into mischief. If a door is closed, I want to know what is on the other side. If my humans are late in feeding me, I have no problems making my displeasure known by knocking things off shelves or smacking their face with my tail. In fact, my antics over the years earned me the nickname of “Cross-eyed Demon Child” and I proudly live up to it daily. My favorite books to read are Mysteries and anything having to do with the Paranormal. Some of my favorite authors include Lilian Jackson Braun, Carole Nelson Douglas, Madelyn Alt, and Patricia Briggs.

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