2018 Try Something New Reading Challenge

This year we have decided to participate in the 2018 Try Something New Reading Challenge hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup. It is basically the New To Me Challenge which we participated in last year, but with a new name for a new year. This one is ALL about trying something new. A new author, a new genre, a new series, a debut book, etc. If it’s a new to you it counts! You can click on the banner above to learn more about the challenge and sign-up yourself if you so desire. =^.^=

Challenge Dates: Jan 1, 2018 and ends Dec 31, 2018

What Counts:

  • Any book over 80ish pages counts (please no short stories)
  • Books MUST be read in 2018
  • All book formats count!
  • Challenge cross overs count!

To complete the challenge we need to read 12 books minimum.

New Author:

New Genre:

New Series:

Debute Book/Author: