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What’s up with What the Cat Read?

Hey all,

So you’re probably wondering what is up with the blog of late. I know posts have been scarce, since October, and I wouldn’t blame anyone for bailing on following. Truth be told, I was anticipating returning to blogging sooner than this and with a bit more consistency. Sadly though, life just keeps getting in the way of things, and for that I apologize. We all go through moments where things just become too much and we need to step away for a bit. This has been one of those moments for me. I’ve always said that should the time come where I ever feel like this is a job, I’d quit. And while some of the joy have diminished, the flame hasn’t completely gone out.

But I need time. Time to get my bearings straight, time to figure out what I can and cannot do. I’m not going to make any promises, not going to commit to any set schedule, nor engage in a lot of author tours. Mostly because I’d hate to say I’m going to do something and then not have it come to fruition. I also want to avoid burnout, which is something I suspect played a part in my walking away these last few months. I’m not giving up because I’ve put too much work into this site to simply let it all go. So what I am going to do is continue to keep this blog going, whether I post once a week, once a month, or whatever. There will be new content, but it will be sporadic for now. It’s my hope you all understand and don’t judge me too harshly.

Ok, so I lied, I’m going to make one promise, and one promise only. The cats and I will return to reviewing soon. Until then I greatly appreciate all of you who have stuck around.

Purrs and murrs to you all!

Cameron and the Felines  =^.^=

Meet the Newest Reviewer here at WtCR!

I’m thrilled to announce that we here at What the Cat Read have a new reviewer on staff. Please allow me to introduce you all to Little Dancer! Dancer will be a permanent reviewer who will be taking over our Young Adult reviews. =^.^=


Little Dancer comes to us after living her early kitten months outside. She arrived in our garage July 2015 and over the course of eight months she slowly came to associate us as her humans. At the end of February of this year, we managed to trap her and began the process of integrating her into our family. The fact that she was a semi-feral and already used to us made the process of integration easier over time.

Admittedly though during the first few months we were unsure if she would settle down enough to become a part of the family. In fact, when we took her in to be spayed our vet said that she was “7 lbs of high intensity spit and vinegar.” But we didn’t give up. Every day we worked with her, talking to her, letting her sniff our fingers, playing with her, the typical things one does when introducing a new feline to one’s home.  Today she spends her time sleeping in either the bathroom or kitchen sinks, wrestling with her sister Sara, pouncing and prancing after spiders and insects that occasionally sneak in, and enjoying endless hours of head bonks and pets. You would never know that she started her life outside.


Little Dancer’s integration into our house, and her joining on with What the Cat Read, has been a huge success! Her sweet disposition, all be it with moments of spikiness, makes her a perfect addition to the family and we are looking forward to sharing her reviews with you all now and in the years to come!

A Look Back at 2015 & a Fresh Start for 2016

Happy New Years, What the Cat Read readers!

Yeah, okay, we know we’re a bit late with the well wishes and all that, but we’ve been busy flexing our claws and planning new things for the blog. We’ve also been busy getting our two new wonderful Guest Reviewers settled. Yes, that’s right, What the Cat Read has two new wonderful Guest Reviewers joining our team! We are excited to have Mimi and Sammers aboard and we hope that you all will enjoy their reviews in the coming months. Please be sure to checkout our Bio Page to learn a bit about our lovely new partners in reading, murr! =^.^=

As you know, What the Cat Read lost Willow just before midnight on December 31st, 2014. The loss of her, right on the heels of Little Bug’s passing took a heavy emotional toll on the WtCR family. There were times where we contemplated shutting down the blogging and moving on to something new, times where we discussed trying out new things but simply didn’t have the heart to follow through. We needed time to grieve, time to sort out our emotions, work schedules, goals, and more. As the year progressed and we started to heal, we agreed that both Buggy or Willow would have wanted us to carry on in their memory, and so here we are in 2016 embarking on a series of new adventures with some new friends and new projects.

Here’s a bit of what we have planned for you all:

Bringing Back Can’t Wait for Books and Our Favorite Authors

We started to get out of the habit of posting our monthly Can’t Wait for Books towards the end of the year and we completely dropped Our Favorite Authors at one point because we didn’t think that there was an interest. However, we’ve decided to bring them back this year under the following schedule:

Can’t Wait for Books – Posts the 2nd of each month (January’s will go up soon).

Our Favorite Authors – 3rd Wednesday of alternating months starting in February.

Follow Along Friday Reads

This is a new feature that we will be starting in February and that we hope you all will enjoy. Each month one of us will be selecting a book to read and talk about every Friday of that month, with a review following after the book is finished. To get the ball rolling, Sara will be reading Fire Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder starting the first of February and her first discussion post will be up on Friday, February 5th. Mimi will select a title next in March, and Sammers will select one in April, and we’ll continue through the year in that order. We’ll announce the new Follow Along title and host for the upcoming month in the final Friday post of the current month, so you’ll have an idea of what we will be reading next.

Reading Challenges

This year we have decided to participate in a variety of challenges which you can read about in our Challenges/Goals section of the blog. We are committed to completing these challenges, so we encourage all of you to root us on throughout the year and check out our progress each quarter in our Reading Challenge Update posts. Will we surpass 100 books read this year? Will we manage to discover a range of new, enjoyable titles and authors for the New To You Challenge? Will we fly high or have the wind knocked out of our sails during the Steampunk Reading Challenge? Will we actually complete every challenge we signed up for? Follow along with us this year to find out, murr!

Movie/TV Reviews

With so many books being brought to film and TV, we thought it would be fun to start featuring reviews of some of our favorite titles, both old and new! For these reviews we will also be reading the book that the movie or show is based on so that we can then do both individual reviews on both the book and screen adaptation and a comparison post on them.

Along with the above we will also be posting our normal reviews of selected reading titles both old and new, participating in a few tours, and promoting books that catch our eye, so be sure to check back regularly for new posts and new adventures.

To all of you wonderful readers, thank you for sticking by us this past year and we look forward to sharing our 2016 with all of you! =^.^=

Purrs to you all,

Sara, Cameron, Mimi, & Sammers


RIP WillowWisp

I write this post tonight with a heavy heart. My dearest Willow, who I’ve had since she was a kitten, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this evening. Lady Bastet, mother of all cats and kittens, felt she needed one of her children home with her at the close of the year. She was one of the greatest cats I’ve ever had and will be deeply missed.

At the time when I started What the Cat Read, the idea of a blog with reviews written by cats seemed like a fun and unique idea. It never occurred to me at the time that I would be writing posts like this, nor that I would be losing two of my girls so quickly. First Buggy (2013) and now Willow (2014). Sara is in good health and I pray that she sticks around for many more years because I just don’t know if I can handle another passing right now.

The blog has been exceptionally quiet this month both because of my hectic work schedule and because I’ve been spending my off time enjoying the holidays and keeping an eye on Willow’s health. At the start of the month she had begun to deal with labored breathing issues and I knew then it was only a matter of time. I just didn’t think it would be so soon. I value quality of life over quantity, and I never want any of the animals in my life to suffer, but this doesn’t mean that I made the decision to let her go easily. It broke my heart to say goodbye, yet I know that she’s in a better place now where she can run, roll in all the catnip she can handle, and curl up with her sisters who have passed on before her.

I want to thank everyone who has been following What the Cat Read since it’s beginning and I hope that you continue to follow it in the time to come. At this moment though, I need to step away from the blog entirely, allow myself to grieve, and rethink how I’m going to be doing things from here on out. There will be our monthly “Can’t Wait for” post tomorrow, but I will not be posting any others save for those that I’ve already committed to later in the month.

Thank you so much for your understanding in this difficult time and hope that everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve/Day.


RIP Willow

Born: March 22, 2000 –

Passed: December 31, 2014


Upcoming in February 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day month! We’ve got a ton of stuff planned for this month, and not all of it is listed below. Here’s just a highlight of some of what is coming up for this month of love! =^.^=

January Book Tours:

January 6 – Wings of Taeva by Devri Walls

February 7 – Highland Heart by Heather McCollum

February 18 – Focus by Alyssa Rose Ivy

February 20 – Nightmare Affair by Mindee Arnett

February 24 – Freak of Nature by Julia Crane

February 25 – Fractured Soul by Rachel McClellan

Cover Reveals:

February 4 – The Watcher Trailer/Excerpt Post & Volition by Lee Strauss

February 13 – Accession by Terah Edun

February 19 – Bitter Angel by Megan Hand

February 25 – Tied by Laney McMann

We will also be posting our monthly Can’t Wait For Titles of 2013 and Our Favorite Authors posts, along with tons of reviews. There’s a little something for everyone this year here on What the Cat Read!