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What is Perfectly Posh? Jaime Arnold Explains + Giveaway

Curious to learn more about Perfectly Posh? Check out Jaime Arnold’s post below on this wonderful line of beauty products and then enter for your chance to win your own pampering kit! =^.^=


Have you heard about Perfectly Posh? I became an independent consultant in February because I love these products so darned much! I want to share with you what Perfectly Posh is and give away a pampering kit!


If you love great products that are as fun as they are good for you then you’re going to love us. We were founded on some very simple principles:

We Simply Pamper

Nothing complicated, tiresome, or mundane here. Come and be taken care of.

The best ingredients

We know if you want a product to feel great when you use it, it should be made of great things. We use the very best and most natural ingredients available so you can be proud to wear and share it.

Made in the USA

We love our country and those who make it work. At Perfectly Posh, it’s all about putting growth and goodness into our own communities.


You deserve it

Yes, YOU. Life might never let you have a whole day off, but if you can take just a minute to take care of yourself you’ll be better able to do all the other things you need to. Take a little time to pamper YOU.

Perfectly Posh has tons of amazing products from face soaps and moisturizers, hand crèmes, body soaps, body lotions, face masks, and more!

They also offer a perks program (think rewards card). Every order you place you receive perks that you can use in a future purchase to get an item(s) FREE. The more you rack up, the more FREE stuff you get. Also you get 500 FREE perks on your birthday!

On top of all that awesomeness, they ALWAYS offer a buy 5 get 6th FREE special, and $5 shipping NO MATTER the amount of stuff ordered. How cool is that?

buy 5

So, Are you ready to #GetPampered?

I would love to be your consultant!



Facebook Group:

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Join my Facebook group, comment where you heard about my group (whether a blog, twitter post, etc.) and I’ll you’ll be entered to win a FREE lip balm!

Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive one of the kits below (winner’s choice), US Only.

Black Cherry Attack


Posh to Meet You


Castaway Coconut


Flower Power


To enter for your chance to win one of the pampering kits above, simply click on the Rafflecopter link below:

Let’s Talk Perfectly Posh!


A while back a friend of mine, Jaime Arnold, asked me if I’d be interested in trying some samples of beauty products for a company she recently became a consultant with. The company is called Perfectly Posh and they sell all natural ingredients, non-animal tested products for your hands, face, body, etc.

Now I will admit that I am always skeptical when it comes to most beauty products. I’m also hesitant to try things because I have extremely sensitive skin and am allergic to a lot of stuff that can be found in various products. But I figured I would give Perfectly Posh a try and jot down my thoughts on each product as I tried them. Let me say, by the time I was done using the samples, I was happy to place an order of my own for a few items.

Now the intent of this post is not to try and sell you Perfectly Posh products. If by the time you are done reading this post you want to place an order of your own, great, but please know that you are under no obligation to do so. I just wanted to share my reviews on the samples that I tried and express my thanks to Jaime for the opportunity to try them. =^.^=

So let’s talk Perfectly Posh!

Good Vibes – Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme


I’m going to start my reviews of the samples so kindly provided to me by Jaime with the lotion Good Vibes.
This is a great product. I love how it makes my skin feel smooth and how it doesn’t leave behind that heavy feel that many lotions leave upon application. What I mean by a heavy feel is, with a lot of other lotions I feel like I’m actually wearing something on my skin, but with Good Vibes I hardly notice it is there. If it wasn’t for the scent, which is pleasing and not heavy-handed, I wouldn’t even know that I had applied lotion to my skin at any point. The scent, a blending of mango and coconut, is a subtle tropical fragrance which is light and natural. The biggest problem that I have with most lotions is how overpowering their smells are because of the perfume that they use. The stronger the perfume, the more likely that I might end up suffering an asthma attack. But with this lotion, I’ve used it regularly without suffering any problems with my breathing. Suffice it to say, I greatly enjoyed testing out this product and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a natural, light-weight, grease free lotion.


BFF: Best Face Forever


This was a winner! Out of all the samples that I tried, this one beat them all and I have nothing but good things to say on this product. First off, let me say that I have really sensitive skin, especially on my face, so I have to be careful about what I use on it and I always go into face cleansers with a sense of trepidation. With BFF I not only had an enjoyable experience, I noticed the biggest change when using this product sample compared to the other samples. Not only did it clean my face, but the feel of it once applied was soothing and blissful. I actually stood with my eyes closed just enjoying the scent and cleansing tingle on my skin for a bit because it was so nice. For the sake of experimentation and taking the testing to the full level, I used this product for three days (that’s how long the sample lasted for me) and then switched back to the face cleanser that I normally used, and here’s what I noticed: with my usual face cleanser I noticed that my face started to get oily within just a few hours after use, but with BFF my skin stayed oil free between each washing which means the oil build up was kept at bay over the full 24 hours between use. Suffice it to say, I’ve since thrown out my old face cleanser. The grapefruit and mint essential oil scent was awesome, and the mint itself created a very nice tingling sensation that was also cooling on the skin. I feel like I run the risk of sounding like a raving fan girl with this review, but I honestly really did love this product.


Night & Day You are the One


As a facial moisturizer goes this isn’t bad, though I do question the description of this product having lavender in it. The reason for why I question it is because I can’t detect any lavender scent with it. And the scent that it does have is more olive oil based, which admittedly isn’t all that appealing. So the scent is a strike against this product for me. I would definitely enjoy it more if it had a lavender scent to it. Now as far as the effects of the product are concerned, this is a decent product. As with the other lotion based products I tried, this one left my face feeling smooth after application. I didn’t notice any oily feeling to my skin upon application except along my nose and a little bit on my chin, which isn’t horrible, but was a note for me to use this during times when my face was at its driest rather than on a daily basis. This reaction may very well be something that is unique to my skin, so please don’t think that the result will be the same for you should you try this. There was one day during my testing of this product when I spent a good portion of the day outside hiking around which left my face feeling wind-blown and noticeably dry. After smoothing a bit of this on my skin, I couldn’t tell that I had been outside. This is one of those products that I can see myself using periodically as my face needs it rather than the recommended daily application as it does refresh the lost moisture that a day’s wear and tear can create, I just really wish that it smelled more like lavender and less like olive oil.


Key Lime Pie Chunk


My significant other’s exact words upon trying this product: “I really want to eat the bar.” Yeah…it’s safe to say that this was a hit with him. Heehee. For me, I liked how quickly this product suds up and that the oat bran gently exfoliated my skin. I also was impressed by the fact that once I rinsed off I didn’t feel like it was still on my skin and therefore needed to scrub more to remove it like I tend to feel with some other soaps. One particular aspect with soaps that I pay attention to is whether it suds up from start of the bar to end of the bar, meaning that every time I use a bar I expect it to create the same amount of suds that it did from the first time I used it. I was pleasantly surprised that this did just that. And in the process of generating said suds, I continually got a whiff of the sweet fragrance of the Key Lime. Now, I’m not as big a fan of Key Lime as my significant other is, but this wasn’t bad, and I was amused that the scent actually lingered slightly both on my skin and in the air after getting out of the shower and drying off. Not a lot of soaps do this, so I found it to be a pleasing surprise, though as I said I was amused because it lead to lots of deep inhaling of the scent from my significant other. It isn’t often that I use a product that results in him reacting this way, so I see it as a win and am tempted to try some of the other chunk bars at a later date.


The Girl’s Gone Green


Okay, first let me say that I’m very particular when it comes to anything that says it has Amber as a scent within it. It’s really hard to find a good Amber scent, and seeing as it is my favorite scent ever, I’m more than a bit picky. As such, I am not going to lie and say that I enjoyed the smell of this product. I found the combination of spicy floral, vanilla, and amber a bit much. I was anticipating a warm scent with a hint of cinnamon perhaps. Instead this scent came across as more of a musky smell and rather earthy which was a tad overpowering for me. It wasn’t horrible, and for anyone else it may greatly appeal, so please don’t take this to mean that it’s not a good product or that I didn’t like it on a whole. The shea butter and aloe vera made for a smooth application with pleasing hydration feeling when on my skin. It is great for those areas on the body that are particularly prone to drying out, namely elbows and skin that is always exposed to the sun. Like with Posh’s other lotions, I didn’t feel like I had anything on my skin once it was on. As a body butter, I loved this perk, and I actually ordered the PJs All Day version which I LOVE! So, just because the scent didn’t thrill me doesn’t mean that the overall product wasn’t a hit for me or that I feel others wouldn’t enjoy this scent. And as I said, I loved the feel of the product so much that I bought it in an alternative scent, so that’s really saying something.


PJs All Day – Skindelicious Body Butter


I love this! ~mic drop~ Okay, but seriously, since I bought this I have not stopped using it. The combination of the lavender and vanilla is amazing and the scent is subtle. I put this lotion on every time I get out of the shower and whenever my skin feels dry. Arms, legs, hands, it makes my skin feel silky smooth without leaving behind the oily feeling that many other lotions leave. I’ve shared this particular product with my friends and they all have enjoyed the smell and feel. This is my favorite product from Posh and you can bet that I’ll be buying this as my regular lotion from here on out.


So those are my reviews of those Perfectly Posh products I’ve tried and used to date. I recently placed an order for a lip balm, a lip scrub, and a new chunk soap bar and plan on sharing my thoughts on those once they arrive, so keep an eye out for that post in the future. And I will have a second post coming up a bit later today about a giveaway that my friend Jaime is hosting for Perfectly Posh, so be sure to check back later to learn how you can enter for your chance to win a wonderful Perfectly Posh beauty kit!

If you’ve tried Perfectly Posh before, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the experience in the comments below. And if you’d like to learn how you can try your own samples, let me know and I’ll connect you with Jaime. Everyone deserves to be pampered, so why not consider giving yourself a bit of me time with some Perfectly Posh products of your own. =^.^=