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Sara (aka Sarabear)

All Adult Fiction

Little Dancer (aka Dancer)

All Young Adult Fiction

Cameron Yeager

Reads what the cats read!


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Reads/listens to a little bit of everything


Reads all Male Authors


Sara (aka Sarabear)

Murrr! I always say that when I’m happy. And since I’m always happy, I say it all the time. Murrr! When I was younger, a wild animal viciously attacked me and as a result, I have difficulty seeing out of my right eye. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying my life to the fullest. Every day I play chase with my cousin Inari around the house, and though it upsets the two old biddies, I don’t care. I’m having fun! My favorite game to play with my human is “Spin the Kitty” and boy do I get dizzy. Murrr! I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the books I read with everyone here on WtCR.

Little Dancer (aka Dancer)


Murrrow! I’m a precocious little feline who originally was living life as a feral in my human servants’s garage before they caught me and took me in. I’m 7 lbs of high intensity spit and vinegar, but they love me anyway. I earned the name Little Dancer because I love to pounce and prance on anything that moves. Bugs, spiders, moths, leaves, toes, if it moves enticingly I will pounce on it. Even though I am still adjusting to life indoors, I’ve developed a love for reading, something my new sister says is to be expected when living with a bibliophile. I’m excited to be joining the review team here at WtCR and sharing my thoughts on all things Young Adult with everyone.

Cameron Yeager

I’m just the human can-opener with legs. Okay, so that’s not entirely true, but as far as the cats are concerned that’s what really matters. And since they are the ones in charge, I do what they say.

Guest Reviewers



I’m a sweet loving Savannah who also has a bit of a wild side when provoked. I enjoy reading a variety of genres and am always looking for the perfect book to curl up with at night. While I do like the feel of a book between my paws, I greatly enjoy listening to audio novels while I’m on the move. I’m excited to be a part of the WtCR team!



I’m a former alley cat who was living life on the streets until I found my forever home with my brothers Winston and Rex and their human servant, Jim. I’m street smart, tough, and while I can be a fighter, I’m also a lover at heart. I’m happy to be a part of the WtCR team and offer a male purrspective on a variety of books. Just please, no romance.

  1. Hello puddycats!

    I’ve had a look through your blog and think its great. I was wondering if you would consider my book for a review.

    With kind regards

    Alex May

    Book Title: Elemental: The First

    Publisher: Pauma Publishing

    Author: Alexandra May

    Genre: Young Adult Urban Science Fiction Fantasy

  2. See my cats really only read Historical non-fiction and I told them they need to lighten up a bit.

    I love this concept it’s witty and fun and as an almost self proclaimed “cat lady” I would wonder if maybe some day the meow squad can take a gander at my work? I wrote a Paranormal Romance. I’ll let you mull it over before I throw the details on ya. 🙂 Thank you for making me smile today!

    • Our human, Cameron, made it her mission to make sure we were educated felines. She’s a big supporter of literacy in cats. 🐱

      We’d be more than happy to read/review your book, but at the present moment we wouldn’t be able to get to it until May. Cameron overbooked us for April, ~glares with ears flat back~ and we are frantically trying to make sure everything gets done. Last time we let her do scheduling!

      Looking forward to hearing from you again soon. Purrs to you!

      • I am a very patient woman so I will be more than hapy to wait until May, I just appreciate the chance! Thank you so much! Please let me know when I can send my work to you and what format. I’ll await your reply. Again, love what you’re doing! 🙂

  3. haha i know what the whole cat thing is like.

    I think you would like this post (it is not mine but I read it yesterday – so not a self promoter)

    Nice blog 🙂

  4. Hi! I love reading your blog so, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. For more information, here is my post-

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