The Creation

What the Cat Read is the brain child of Cameron and her three feline companions.

“It’s all thanks to my mischievous girl, Willow ” Cameron said when asked how the idea first came about. “For years I would catch her pulling books off of the shelves or batting at my hand as I turned the pages of a book, but I never thought to wonder why. I honestly thought it was because she felt she wasn’t getting enough attention or because her dinner was late. It wasn’t until I finally sat down and had a talk with her that I realized what the problem was.

You see, cats, just like people, enjoy reading! Whenever you find one curled up on a bookshelf, or sprawled across your desk in front of the computer, or smacking at your pencil as you complete your homework, it’s not because they want to be a pest or are demanding attention, it’s because they are busy reading. And just like people, cats have their opinions about the stuff they read.”

Thus, with that realization, the ground work for What the Cat Read was born. After consulting with each feline in the house, pictures were taken, bios were written up, and decisions were made on who would review what genre of novel.

“I never knew how much work went into the creating of a blog,” types Willow, the main instigator of the site. “We had a difficult time coming up with the rating scale and the overall appearance of the blog itself. Sadly, I will admit that there were some cat fights due to disagreements, but in the end we all retracted our claws and made compromises.”

When asked how they chose to divide the reading, Sara chirruped, “Many books cross genres, thereby making it a challenge to decide who would read what. Since Willow and I both have similar tastes in books, it became obvious to us that there would be a lot of overlap. That led to some arguments because neither of us wanted to give up our favorite authors. It was Cameron who suggested that we divide the books into age range first and then genre/style.”

After two months of planning, it was agreed that the first entry would be written up prior to August 1st of 2011, with the first official book review shortly there after.

“I would have preferred waiting until things cooled down a bit more before actually launching the blog,” sighed Little Bug, “but as always, I was out voted. These youngsters feel like they have to pounce on the first idea that comes into their fluffy heads, regardless of the impact that it may have on others.”

Still, it is the hopes of these three felines that their blog will turn out to be successful. “They’ve got some great ideas on what they want to cover,” says Cameron, “and I think that their blog will be a unique contribution to the book lovers community.”

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