Follow Along Friday Reads: Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder Week 4


February 22nd-26th (Week Four)

Chapter Twenty-Nine thru Chapter Thirty-Five – Pages 305-392


First initial thought: Oh Bastet, that ending! Things took a bit of a twist and now I’m anxious to read Fire Study just to see what happens with everyone. While it’s not my favorite in the series thus far, I’ve got a better appreciation for it now that I’m done.

Story thoughts: Grrr Cahil! I just really … Can I please … Hiss! I so want to scratch his eyes out. Stupid, stubborn, hateful ass. I honestly held a bit of hope that he’d be hit with a clue-by-four and wake up, but nope. He’s going to be a problem later in the series, and I am not looking forward to that reunion when it happens. Leif, he’s earned my tolerance, but he’s got a long way to go before he fully earns my respect. There’s promise though.

Score a point to Yelena for putting Roze, First Magician in her place! I could not stop myself from laughing out loud during this scene. I get Roze’s need for caution, but seriously, she needs to get off the mistrust wagon and give Yelena some credit. It’s more than due after what she’s endured.

And can I saw, wow, I did not expect the twist Snyder threw in during these pages. Great way to tie events from the first book and this one together.

This ending was wonderful. It kept me engrossed the entire time and it was just non-stop action through most of it. Loved that Valek and Yelena got some quality time together. Theirs will be difficult road, but they’ll win in the end, I’m sure of it. So yeah, the story redeemed itself in the last half. I think the one thing I’m bummed about was that we never really got to see much by way of Yelena’s magical training. Given the title you would think that there’d be more of it than the few snippets we got, but nope.

Overall, I’m satisfied with how things have turned out and appreciate the book more now than when I first started. Beginning may have been slow, but the ending blew me away, murr!

Favorite quote(s):

“How about a rematch?”


Valek stepped between us. “I’m beginning to wish that you were an orphan, love. Can you both manage to focus on the task at hand without trying to catch up on fourteen years of sibling rivalry?”

“Yes,” we said in unison, properly chastise. – pg 375

“My Story Weaver had to be laughing his blue ass off right now. My future appeared to be a long twisted road fraught with knots, tangles, and traps.

Just the way I liked it.” – pg 392


Our next Follow Along Friday Read will be hosted by Mimi, and the book she’s chosen is A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. If you’d like to read/follow along, we’d love to have you, murr! The reading schedule will be:


February 29th – March 4th Week 1

Chapter 1 thru Chapter 12 – Pages 1 – 153

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Chapter 13 thru Chapter 23 – Pages 154 – 303

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Chapter 24 thru Chapter 34 – Pages 304 – 452

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Chapter 35 thru Chapter 43 – Pages 453 – 579

Review March 31


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