Follow Along Friday Reads: Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder Week 3


February 15th-19th (Week Three)

Chapter Nineteen thru Chapter Twenty-Eight – Pages 204-204


First initial thought: Now this is more like it! Things are definitely getting more interesting and I don’t want to put the book down now. I’m glad I have stuck with this book because I’m now enjoying this as much as I did the first book in the series.

Story thoughts: Oh, Cahil and Leif, you two are so freaking annoying! And Leif, really?! I mean really! Not cool, dude, not cool at all. And can we do something about Roze, the First Magician? The rest of the cast of characters are great. Really enjoying all of them, and I especially like Dax and his playful behavior. Fisk is also rather endearing. And yay, Ari, Janco, and Valek have returned! Okay, so I kind of have warmed up to Valek after having time to think about his character. He’s not entirely a favorite of mine, but he’s rather cool. Here’s to awesome characters adding some much needed life and further mischief to the book, murr! Story Weaver is pretty cool, too, and I’m looking forward to learning more about the Sandseed Clan. Actually, I’m rather looking forward to learning more about all the different Clans in the future books.

The mystery and intrigue continue to grow with this book now. Do we trust Cahil or not? Will Yelena save Opal? Who is the real threat when all is said and done? These questions and a few others were going through my head in this section of reading. I’ll give it to Snyder, she knows how to keep a reader engrossed when it really counts. The book is a much faster read now because the action has picked up and so the suspense has built. I really want to keep reading, and I just may.

So overall, talk about a complete change from my earlier views. I went from not being all that engaged to suddenly not being able to get enough. A lot of the beginning, while important to the development of the characters and story, just didn’t pull me in because there wasn’t much drama. There were fun moments, but the tension just wasn’t as pronounced as it is during this last half. Now that I’m close to finishing things have come to a head and the enjoyment is back. I am greatly looking forward to seeing how everything wraps up in the last bit of the story. =^.^=

Favorite quote(s):

“Should we plan our escape route now?” I asked.

She laughed. “We’ll push Cahil into their path to slow them down.” – pg 227

“Choose your words carefully.”

Irys must have read the skepticism on my face because she added, “Consider it your first lesson in diplomacy.”

“Seeing how well you did with them, I’m surprised that I don’t feel more confident.”

“Avoid sarcasm.”

“How about coming with me? So when I start to say something stupid you can wave your hand and silence me, too.”

A sardonic smile flashed on her face. – pg 228

“Everyone thinks you’re so sweet and  nice. I almost feel sorry for the first person to try and take advantage of that. Almost!” – pg 278


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