Follow Along Friday Reads: Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder Week 2


February 8th-12th (Week Two)

Chapter Ten thru Chapter Eighteen – Pages 101-203


First initial thought: Not sure I’m entirely enjoying this book yet. Some characters are still annoying me and it feels a bit slow to get started even now. Hope that it picks up. The mystery behind the killer is intriguing and I’m curious to see what this goes.

Story thoughts: Still want to claw Leif’s face up. He is so annoying! And Cahil also gets on my nerves. He thinks he is so high and mighty, but if he truly is who he says, than he needs to learn to temper his emotions else he’s going to be eaten alive. Really liking that we get to see more of Yelena’s powers. Now that she’s at the Keep I anticipate seeing more of the magical world that exists in Snyder’s series.

Absolutely love that Yelena has her own horse now. Kiki sounds like she’s going to be fun.

Honestly, even though I’m at the halfway point with this book, I’m not really awed by everything and finding that I don’t have much to talk about after this bit of reading. There are elements that I like and am looking forward to seeing more of, but there are other elements that just fall a bit flat for me. As such, I’m 50/50 on this book as it stands right now. I also don’t have as big a drive to keep reading beyond the what I planned with this story, whereas with the first book I didn’t want to put it down. Really hoping that things getting better in the last half of the book.

Favorite quote(s):

“You have a mischievous glint. What are you planning?”

“Only five points against me?” I narrowed my eyes in mock concern. “Such a small number. I say we try for eight or ten.”

A wolfish grin spread across Dax’s face. “My lady, you are far to modest. You’re more than capable of handling fifteen or twenty.” – pg 172

“Bad dreams are ghosts of our fears and worries, haunting us while we sleep.” – pg 202

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