Follow Along Friday Reads: Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder


February 1st-5th (Week One)

Chapter One thru Chapter Nine – Pages 1-100


First initial thought: This isn’t what I was anticipating. I’m a bit frustrated with the book and I really hope it gets better as far as my views on the characters go else I might be in trouble.

Story thoughts: Having enjoyed Poison Study, I will admit that I have some high expectations for this book. Unfortunately after nine chapters, I’m not overly enamored with the story so far. Yelena got on my nerves a bit in the initial pages and while she’s since started to become the same person I liked in the first book, I am worried that this isn’t going to be the only time I find myself getting annoyed with her. I want to claw Leif’s face to ribbons. I don’t know how much of a role he’s going to play in this book, but if he’s an important character then he’s got a LONG way to go to impress me. ~hiss~ Not sure what to make of Cahil, but it will be interesting to see how his story plays out as the book continues.

It’s rather hard to get a full feel for the book after only a hundred pages, but so far I’m not thrilled. I find myself with tons of questions and no answers. We’ve gotten a brief glimpse of Yelena’s family, but haven’t really learned anything about them, which sucks because there was this big hype about her being their long lost daughter, and yet nothing has come from it. We meet them, we spend a little bit of time with them, and then we leave. That’s it. It’s over and done with too quickly. Hopefully we’ll see more of them and learn more as the story progresses.

I was greatly amused by Yelena’s quick connection with Cahil’s horse. I can foresee there being some fun moments because of it. Heehee.

Overall, there isn’t a lot that grabbed me in the first week of reading. We’ll see what week two has in store.

Favorite quote(s):

“A peevish thought about who would hold the ladder for me flashed through my mind. Irys’s annoyed voice admonished me in my own head. Yelena, you will have no trouble getting into the trees. Perhaps I should have them raise the ladder when it’s your turn to climb, as you might prefer to use your grapple and rope.” – pg 11-12

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