Why Tarot? Top Three Reasons why Tarot Cards Rock – A Guest Post by Jenn Stark


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Why Tarot? Top Three Reasons why Tarot Cards Rock

Cameron, hello! Thank you very much for hosting me today at What the Cat Read. I’m always up for discussing the Tarot, and what drew me to feature Tarot mythology and cards in my Immortal Vegas series. Because I could spin on (and on!) about this subject, I decided to break it down into a Top 3…


The Top Three Reasons Why Tarot Cards Rock

  1. A cohesive divination and meditation system

There are many tools you can use for divination—Runes, horoscope, tea leaves, the I Ching, dice or even the flip of a coin. But the Tarot card system gives you a complete set of messages and interpretations—twenty two Major Arcana cards and fifty six Minor Arcana cards. If you read both upright and reversed cards, that gives you fully 156 different card meanings, all within a single deck.

And that’s not all: depending on how cards are grouped together—say, if you have a reading with all cup cards or with every suit EXCEPT pentacles—the meanings can shift. Accordingly, interpreting the Tarot can be universal in some ways, and yet completely personal. For the practitioner who really wants to spend time with the cards, the result is a deep well of meanings that you can apply to your question, whether you’re seeking the answer to a question or if you’re using the cards for meditation.

For Sara, she’s lived with the cards her whole life—and she trusts them implicitly. As a result, the answers she gains from them are generally clear and accurate to help ensure her safety…or, more usually, her success in finding an artifact (or a person.)

  1. Consistent messaging, but endless variations on imagery

The majority of modern decks play on some form of the Rider-Waite imagery, based on a deck published in 1910 and now famous the world over. What this means is that, no matter what deck you pick up, chances are you’ll be able to identify and draw conclusions based on the images you see on the cards. This consistency of imagery makes the Tarot mythos very recognizable and powerful for both those new to the cards as well as seasoned practitioners.

That said, the creativity of card designers and illustrators is out of this world. Just check out the cards at Aeclectic Tarot or Queen of Tarot – both amazing sites – and you’ll see that there’s a Tarot deck out there for everyone. Heck, there’s even a LEGO Tarot deck. How much win is that?

Sara tends to rock it old school, so she uses Rider-Waite style cards, particularly the Radiant deck. (Which not coincidentally is a favorite of mine as well!) When I do readings for others, I’ve often used Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded deck as well. You can see all of Ciro’s newest deck, the Gilded Royale at my site, www.jennstark.com!

  1. A mythology rich with possibility

The cards are, in a word, beautiful—so evocative and meaningful that you could spend hours researching the symbology, colors and images represented and still not fully understand the full impact of each card. The longer you read Tarot, however, the more you can see the nuances in how the cards work with each other, which makes it a terrific tool for long-term study.

Naturally, then, I was thrilled to be able to feature the cards in the Immortal Vegas series in a couple of different ways—to guide Sara directly, as when she draws the Devil card immediately before being asked to go rescue the Devil from the Vatican in book 1-and also as an indirect aid, as when she must interpret the cards at the beginning of book 2 to escape a water-filled crypt. Different cards strike different emotional tones, from regretful to joyous to bitter to satisfied, so I could play with that as well. It’s a blast to work the cards in as Sara overcomes various obstacles, and I look forward to even more exploration of the cards as the series goes forward!

Thanks again, Cameron! That might have been a little more information on Tarot than you wanted, but I’ve had a blast talking about the cards today!

About the Book:

Copy of stark_wildecard_fnl


Publisher: Elewyn Publishing

Date Released: November 17, 2015

Series: Immortal Vegas #2

All that glitters may not be gold.

When an antique gold show comes to Vegas, Tarot-reading magical artifacts hunter Sara Wilde’s job is simple: locate and liberate a set of relics rumored to give their bearers access to an ancient, incredible power. With whispers of a war on magic racing through the Connected community, every psychic, mystic, warlock, and witch descends on Sin City to claim the relics first. But no one wants these talismans more than Sara’s client: the insufferably arrogant, criminally sensual, absolutely untrustworthy Magician.

And what the Magician wants…

Sara’s heist takes a turn for the trickier as the smoky-eyed specter from her past, Detective Brody Rooks, is assigned to investigate a break-in at the gold show, forcing her to confront the one man in Vegas she can’t bluff. Even worse, just as she finally gets her hands on the goods, the game changes anew. The resulting chase leads her across the world to an ancient Egyptian temple filled with secrets, deception… and hints about her own abilities that could change everything. Desperate for answers, Sara is forced to turn to the one person she knows will lie, cheat, manipulate and steal to get whatever he craves. Only now, it seems, the Magician wants her.

Sometimes, when the deck is stacked against you… you’ve got to play the Wilde Card.

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About the Author:


Jenn Stark is a Golden Heart award-winning author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. She lives and writes in Ohio. . . and she writes a LOT.   In addition to her work in paranormal, she is also author Jennifer McGowan, whose Maids of Honor series of Young Adult Elizabethan spy romances are published by Simon & Schuster, and author Jennifer Chance, whose Rule Breakers series of New Adult contemporary romances are published by Random House/LoveSwept.

The world of her first paranormal romance, which was previously titled BLACK JACK, has now been reimagined as the setting ONE WILDE NIGHT, GETTING WILDE and WILDE CARD, all to be published in 2015, with BORN TO BE WILDE to follow in early 2016!

Connect with Jenn: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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