Read-along: Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder Week #2 Thoughts


I must apologize for falling off the radar a bit with updating my progress with this book, What the Cat Read has been dealing with life issues and deadlines. But the good news is that I’m back and I’ll be posting two weeks worth of impressions today! So let’s get started, shall we? Murr!


Read-along Week #2 Thoughts on Chapters 9-17

First initial thoughts: Still not sure what my feelings are toward Valek. I want to like him, but then he does something to make me dislike him. Still hate Margg, love Dilana. I’m on the fence about Rand. Story is still drawing me in & I find it hard to put it down after reading the assigned chapters. Still have questions on world history. Looking forward to reading more soon.

Story thoughts: Snyder is doing a great job of keeping me interested and making me want to read ahead of the chapters assigned. The characters are well thought out and developed, though I don’t like the back and forth feelings I have toward Valek. I am finding it hard to understand why some readers are in love with him, mostly because there are some moments where he is a complete ass toward Yelena. I hate Margg, no question there. It is going to take a lot for me to like her, and to be honest, I just don’t see it happening. I don’t care what excuse she has, I don’t like her. And I’m starting to worry that my like for Rand is misplaced, which would suck because he genuinely seems like a nice guy. I would hate to think that there is something not on the up and up with him. Yelena is still awesome. She’s full of surprises and I love that.

As far as world building goes, I really wish Snyder would explain the history more. We get snatches of it every few chapters, but either I’m completely missing the timeline of everything, which is a strong possibility, or she hasn’t really delved that far into it. Either way, I have questions that I’d like to see answered at some point regarding how everything turned out the way it has history wise.

Overall, now that I’m halfway through the book, I am definitely planning on reading the others in the series. In fact, I’m tempted to do one book a month until I’m caught up. It’s a very intriguing start to a series and I’m loving the twists and turns it has been taking so far. Can’t wait to read more!

Favorite Quotes: There are a couple of great lines/moments in this section of reading that I felt I just had to share. Enjoy everyone! =^.^=

“You don’t think Brazell will come after me?”

“No. It’s too soon. I don’t expect Brazell to try to kill you before his factor is up and running. Once he gets what he wants, then it’s going to get interesting around here.”

“Oh good. I can barely stay awake now from all the boredom.” My voice dripped with sarcasm. Only Valek would consider an attempt on my life a fascinating diversion. – Page 96


“All right. One year. My Pledge to you.” She paused.

“Go on,” I said. “I know you want to end this meeting with some kind of threat. Maybe a dire warning? Feel free. I’m used to it. I wouldn’t know how to deal with a conversation that didn’t include one.”

“You put on such a brave front. But I know if I took another step toward you, you’d wet your pants.”

“With your blood.” I brandished my knife. But I couldn’t keep a straight face; the boast sounded ridiculous even to my own ears. I snickered. She laughed. The release of tension made me giddy, and soon I was laughing and crying. – Page 141


Why was I constantly considering each option, searching both sides of an argument for gaps in the logic? Like somersaulting on the trampoline, plenty of ups and downs but no forward motion. I longed for the days when a wrong decision wouldn’t cost me my life. – Page 168


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