Armchair BEA 2015 – Library Love

Design credit goes to Nina of Nina Reads

Design credit goes to Nina of Nina Reads

Our second topic for today’s event is: Librarians are awesome. Not only are they helpful, they’re very fun to talk to and give great recommendations. Show your library some love, and the wonderful men and women that run it. Why is your library fantastic? Got any funny stories? Feature your library on your blog? Do an interview with a librarian?

ClipArtI love, love, LOVE my local library. Located in Pine Valley, California it’s one of the smaller libraries in the San Diego County Library system. But don’t let its size fool you. There is a ton of stuff available for patrons to enjoy and the staff is always friendly and ready to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Pine Valley Library offers a wide range of events for kids and adults. On the last Tuesday of every month we have Bingo. The second Friday of the month is Chick Flick and Chocolate, a women’s only event where we get together to watch a movie and partake in tasty snacks. They also host a quarterly Craft event where participants learn to make four different arts and crafts and are also provided lunch. It’s a fabulous social event and the arts and crafts range from homemade lip balm and bath salts to candles, tile painting, and more. For the kids there are monthly movies with snacks, arts and crafts, guest readers for the younger kids, and games. Every October they host a “Fear Factor” type event where the kids are challenged to try various foods that are Halloween themed: Werewolf toenails (shaved coconut), Brains (sauerkraut), Eyeballs (peeled grapes), etc. It’s always fun to watch the faces the kids make when they try each food. Plus there’s the Summer Movies in the Park where they set up a giant screen in our local park and the community gathers to watch the newest movies that recently released. This year starting in June we get to see The Book of Life, Big Hero 6, Cinderella, and Home.

At the same time, the staff is wonderful. Because Pine Valley is a small town, the library is one of the main social hubs in the community. As such, the librarians make it a point to get to know you and the books that you like to read. It’s wonderful to be able to walk in and be greeted with a smile and a “How are you today?” You won’t get this at the bigger branches in the San Diego County system, which is why I love my small library so much and will miss it greatly once I move.

So what is your favorite library like? Do they offer different activities that you can participate in? If so, what kind? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below in you’d like. =^.^=


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