Kensington Publishing’s Ultimate Hero Search: Round Two Day Two

What the Cat Read is excited to be helping to spread the word about Kensington Publishing’s search for the ultimate hero! On February 9th Kensington started the competition off with 32 heroes from amongst their many titles, and after two weeks of fierce competition and your votes, they are now down to 16 contestants.

Here’s how the event and voting work: In a March Madness style elimination tournament, Kensington will pit their heroes against each other in three remaining successive rounds. Fans will vote in each match for their favorite hero and the winner of each match advances onto the next round until there is only one hero left standing. To place your votes, you can visit Kensington’s TUMBLR or Kensington’s WEBSITE. Remember, each match runs for a full 24 hours!

Why participate? Maybe you’ll discover your new book boyfriend. Maybe you’ll find a new author to add to your auto-buy list. Many of the featuring Kensington’s heroes are on sale, so now if your chance to check out those titles that sound appealing and add them to your reading pile, murr! =^.^=

Here’s today’s competitions:

Match One


Beauty and the Wolf by Marina Myles

Amazon | B&N | Website | Goodreads



Beast Behaving Badly by Shelly Laurenston

Amazon | B&N | Website | Goodreads


Match Two


Beauty’s Beast by Amanda Ashley

Amazon | B&N | Website | Goodreads



Sacrifice by Bridget Kemmerer

Amazon | B&N | Website | Goodreads

Be sure to get your votes within the next 24 hours by visiting Kensington’s TUMBLR or Kensington’s WEBSITE!


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