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We are excited to be participating in Stacy Verdick Case’s blog tour for An Intimate Murder! Please be sure to come back over the weekend for our reviews on both this book and A Luring Murder, book 2 in the series, murr! =^.^=

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Publisher: Before the Fall Books

Date Released: October 7, 2014

Series: Catherine O’Brien Mystery #3

When Jonathan and Susan Luther are murder in their home, St. Paul homicide detective Catherine O’Brien and her partner Louise discover this isn’t the first time the Luther family has been visited by tragedy. Is it a case of bad family luck or is there something more?

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“I’ll tell you what, Detectives. I’m going to allow you go through Jon’s desk and question my employees.”
I opened my mouth to utter a grateful thanks but Liz Trainor interrupted before the sounds would come out.
“Two conditions. One –” She held up both of her index fingers. “You cannot browbeat my employees into speaking to you. They must volunteer.”
“Of course,” Louise said. “What’s the other condition?”
“The second condition.” She closed her eyes. “God help me for saying this; if you find out that Jonathan was involved in something illegal, you don’t embarrass this company. I want to hear about what you find first, not read about it in tomorrow’s paper.”
She flicked her gaze to me as if I would have some particular interest in talking to the newspaper. Probably to cover my own ass, if she still believed that I needed a fanny shield. All she had was my word and a shared laugh (not much comfort at the best of times) to tell her any different.
“Agreed,” I said. “Are you sure there’s nothing else you’d like to say?”
She cocked her head. “Why do you ask?”
“Because you looked at me funny a few minutes ago. Like you might know me.”
“Yeah.” The rolls on her neck contracted and expanded with the bobbing of her head. “I think I do know you.”
I shook my head. “I don’t think so. We’ve never met before.”
“No, we haven’t,” she agreed. “But I do know you and not just from the paper. You’re Gavin O’Brien’s wife aren’t you?”
A shockwave thundered through me at the sound of Gavin’s name. It was the same feeling I get when Gavin runs into friends when we’re shopping, or out for dinner. Gavin has a whole world away from me, and he knows people I don’t. That thought disturbed me.
Of course, I knew people he didn’t, too. Par for the course when you both work outside the home. I saw him every morning when I left and there he was every evening when I got home. There’s a little piece of my brain that takes over from time to time—it’s only purpose is to delude me and doesn’t like to be confronted with reality. That section of gray matter makes me believe that Gavin sits at home hermetically sealed until my key turns in the lock to reanimate him.
Yet here was reality, in the form of an overweight, overly perfumed, real-estate agent.
“Yes, I am.”
“I thought so.” Liz Trainor nodded satisfied. “I usually have a good memory for faces. It helps in this job.”
“Then the two of you have met?” Louise asked.
“No.” Liz said.
I shook my head at the same time.
“Then how did you know she was married to Gavin?”
Thank God, Louise was there to ask all the questions I would kick myself later for not asking. Now, I was too stunned to form a complete thought.
“I saw a picture of you on his desk.” She shrugged. “Well it’s more of a table than a desk. Anyway, your picture is in his construction trailer.”
What picture could Gavin possibly have of me? I maintained the mantra that my image didn’t show up on film, so it wasn’t like I’d gone down to the local Glamour Shots for one of those cheesy, feather boa, photos that the guys in my office had of their wives. I couldn’t understand why men thought that bouffant hair, bright pink lipstick, and lots, of gauze and Vaseline over lenses made women look glamorous.
When this case was over, I’d have to take a trip down to his construction trailer. That was if I could remember where Gavin had said he was working this month.
“So you’ve worked with Gavin?” Louise continued to channel my questions.
Liz Trainor nodded. “I do commercial real-estate as well as private homes. I’ve worked with Gavin a few times in the past.”
She gave a lascivious wink that made me want to punch her.
“You’ve got yourself one hell of a firecracker. Gavin O’Brien is a damn good business man, and darn cute if you don’t mind me saying so.”
She winked again.
I did mind her saying so. She was a colleague of his not a horny teenager. Liz Trainor needed to keep her eyes and mind off my husband.
“Some of the girls in the office can’t wait for the days when Gavin has an appointment. They all make sure they’re at their desks when he comes for a visit.”
My breath hitched in my chest. The delusional part of my brain screamed, NO! NO! Not only did Gavin leave the house when I left for work, but other women were looking at him the way I used to look at him.
Bile crept up the back of my throat. I couldn’t speak. All I could manage was a weak smile and pathetic laugh that must have sounded to Liz Trainor’s ears as if I was agreeing with her. She waggled her brows up and down at me and chuckled.
“Where did Mr. Luther sit?” Louise finally broke the painful deadlock between us.
Liz pushed back from her desk and stood.

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About the Author:

Stacy Verdick Case PhotoStacy Verdick Case was born in Willmar, Minnesota.  After a brief stint as a military brat, where she lived in Fort Sill Oklahoma and Fort Campbell, Kentucky, her family moved back to Minnesota.

Stacy has written all her life earning a High School Writer Award and a Daphne Du Mauier Award for excellence in Mainstream Mystery/Suspense.

Stacy currently lives in a suburb of St. Paul with her husband of twenty-years, her five-year-old daughter, and their two cats.
An Intimate Murder is the third book in the Catherine O’Brien series.

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