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Today we have a special interview between our human, Cameron, and Sterling and Beth from One Night in Heated Snapshots by Ashley Harris. Told by Beth’s point of view, this interview took place shortly prior to events in One Night in Heated Snapshots. We would like to thank Ashley, as well as Barclay Publicity for letting us be a part of this tour event. If you’d like to see all the blogs participating, please visit HERE! Now we’d like to invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this wonderful interview, murr! =^.^=


Beth clears her throat and fusses with her hair, putting it into a messy bun. She can’t believe she of all people has to be interviewed. She’d much rather be the photographer taking pictures of someone else being put on the spot. It’s always behind the camera where she can truly be herself, and yet right now all eyes are on her. She gulps and waits impatiently for the other person getting interviewed to show up.

Sterling finally enters the room, still wet from just getting out of swim practice, as every girl in the room whistles and swoons and he quickly slips his shirt over his wet and perfect chest.

A few girls shout for Sterling to keep the shirt off and Beth rolls her eyes as his own pair fall on her. She gives him a look of loathing as he smirks. God can’t this interview just be over? Sterling sits down in his chair and then scoots it over a foot so he’s right next to Beth, their skin almost touching as she pulls her hands away.

Finally Cameron, the beautiful and brilliant interviewer, begins asking questions.

“Beth, let’s start with you since you were here first. Tell us about your childhood, if you would be so kind.”

Beth feels her heart start to race as her voice comes out a little strained.

“Um, I grew up in Michigan with my mom. I have an older brother and younger sister. I guess you could say I had somewhat of an unusual childhood, my parents were missionaries; in fact they both met on the mission field, and most of my life they brought me and my siblings on trips where we got to see people from all walks of life. I’d photograph them, capturing their stories. Hence, I’m a photography major now. That’s pretty much it.”

Beth finally breathes, facing the audience only to find them still drooling over Sterling, the swim champion’s presence absorbs everything. Did they even hear Beth talk? She guessed it was good that they didn’t.

There was one person paying attention and that was Sterling. He was staring so deep into Beth’s eyes that she almost felt naked. She crossed her arms in front of herself and looked aside.

“Ok, great answer, Beth,” Cameron says with a smile. “Sterling, your turn, what one word would you use to describe yourself? Geez, Beth thought with an eye roll, of course the school jock gets an easy question. Yet he was silent for a moment.

Finally he spoke, “Enigmatic.”

“Wow, I don’t think that’s an answer the audience was expecting. As a rumored Olympic athlete I think were all thinking of the word champion or strong … why such a mysterious answer?”

Sterling shrugged as his eyes still burned into Beth, making the pulse in her chest rush. He always stared at her like that … why?

“I just think there is more to me than what people assume and expect, it would be nice if someone tried to capture the real me.”

Beth’s cheeks turned pink as she stared into the floor, trying to get away from his sexy eyes. She knew who Sterling was, she’d lived next door to him and witnessed his parties and wild behavior, seen how all the swim groupies worshiped him for over a year. Surly she knew what was before her, and why he also stared. Clearly this was some kind of game, he couldn’t really want her.

“What’s the one thing that influenced you the most growing up?” Cameron asked Sterling next, it was supposed to be Beth’s turn, but Beth didn’t mind having everyone’s eyes off her. Sterling was more than comfortable with all the attention.

“My mom, she passed away when I was young from cancer but while she was alive she thrived every single day, she came to every one of my practices, and ran a business. She’ll always be what drives me. After she passed away, her memory and my coach influenced me the most.”

The whole audience interrupted with sighs and applauded, heck even Beth felt her icy heart towards Sterling begin to thaw. Could it be true that he was more than just a glorified jock and campus party king?

“Wow beautifully said, Sterling. On a lighter note, we’ll turn our attention back to Bethany.” Hearing the interviewer call her by her full name made Beth feel uncomfortable right away. Sterling seemed to know it. He chuckled, and that is when Beth remembered how much she disliked him. Him being a caring guy … her ass.

“Do you have any bad habits?” Cameron asked.

“I’d love to hear this,” Sterling whispered.

Beth had a million but none of them she felt like mentioning. Her brain drummed nervously. Finally, “Sometimes I get so lost in taking pictures I guess I lose track of what’s happening around me.” It was such a boring and impersonal answer compared to Sterling who felt so comfortable spilling his guts. Beth just couldn’t give out so freely everything that made her tick.

“I think a lot of people can relate to such a habit. Now, what do you think is next for both of you once you’re done with school. Sterling, I think everyone is dying to know. Do you think we’ll be seeing you in the Olympics some day? Could you be the next Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte?”

Sterling shrugged, his half smile showing off his perfect dimples. “First of all, I can’t try to be the next Ryan Phelps or Ryan Lochte. Those guys are great swimmers but I can only spend my time wisely by trying to be the best possible Sterling in the water, that’s all I think about. As for the next Olympics, I’m gonna give it my all to try and get there and try and represent our country wisely.”

“And Beth, where do you see yourself after school?”

As if her answer could compete with a future Olympian.

“I’m a double major, so I have a few options, but my heart yearns to be a traveling photographer. There’s this magazine, called Vivid Image that I think myself and all my photography classmates would die to work for.”

Sterling seemed to tense up when Beth mentioned that magazine. Why? His eyes finally left her and she didn’t know if she should feel relieved or puzzled.

“And what is the one thing that you would want to photograph before you die?” Cameron asked her next. Wow that was heavy, Beth had to think about it.

“Probably, um,” she thought about her answer. “The people of Israel when they finally get to see their temple be rebuilt. It’s the one thing my dad always talked about on mission trips, the great fall and one day future rebuilding of the temple.”

Everyone in the audience yawned, and Sterling didn’t know what smart remark to say to that one. Beth was a total geek, why stop being one now?

“Alright, very interesting.” Cameron turned back to Sterling. “And now for a fun question, what is your opinion about the ‘party boy’ image of you that follows you wherever you go?”

Sterling chuckled, “I honesty don’t know how these rumors get started.”

Now Beth finally did meet his gaze as she thought about every loud party that had kept her up half the night, and all the bimbo swim fans that followed Sterling around like puppies. He didn’t have any idea where the rumors came from? Oh please.

Sterling met Beth’s gaze. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not uptight and I like to have fun, but there are many things I’d rather be pursuing than a party.” Beth’s felt her entire body flush, every part, and I mean every part went red as her mind twisted and wrapped around his words.

Don’t think about him, don’t listen to him, and don’t by any means fantasy about him. Her mind warned her. Yet even as the interview ended, and Sterling’s entire swim team and all their groupies flocked towards him, all Beth’s mind could think about was how good it would feel to have his hands running down her side, she shivered.


About the Book:

ONiHScoverDate Published: December 16, 2013


As a revengeful plot unfolds two unlikely lovers from different worlds collide in the sizzling Miami heat and nothing will ever be the same. New Adult fans of Jamie McGuire, Simone Elkeles, Nicole Williams, and Tammara Webber will love part one of this irresistible, short romance.

On the eve of Beth’s college graduation, she is given the opportunity of a lifetime; an overnight, all expenses paid photography trip that will take her from New Jersey to the hot sands of Miami Beach. This adventure could land her the top magazine job she’s been dreaming about … that is if the most adorably handsome but most annoying guy on the planet doesn’t get in the way.

Sterling Johnson, Beth’s neighbor, is the hot, college swim champion whose music and loud partying keeps his entire dorm up half the night. Where he goes, crazy swim fans follow. He could get any girl he wants … except for the perfect and career focused Beth.

When Beth leaves for the photography competition, she’s shocked to see Sterling on the plane. As the heat of Miami threatens to scorch the feelings these two have been hiding for each other, will Beth’s dreams of winning be realized, or will Sterling’s revengeful plans ruin everything?

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Book Trailer:


Beth’s POV

If You Can Dance….

He shrugged as he looked from the photos on her phone to her body language. “Want to dance, Bethany?” he suddenly asked her, his eyes lit up with daring excitement.

“Oh no, I can’t dance,” she answered as she felt both her face and chest turn bright red with just the thought.

“Everyone can dance,” he tried to tell her as she shook her head. “Come on, one song, I promises it will be fun.” He stood, getting closer to her and looked down into her eyes. Why did he have to be so tall and breathtaking? Beth found herself standing up too, just to distance herself from his closeness, but then he took her hand. His warm touch made something inside her chest dance as he pulled her gently towards the dance floor. Soon they were in the middle of it and there was no way out.

Oh God, how did I get here? She thought as she tried to move her body, awkwardly clashing with the Miami locals that were grooving like they were on Dancing With The Stars. No amount of alcohol would have taken her fright away until Sterling spun around her, moving to the beat in the goofiest manner she’d ever seen. People around them looked and laughed at his silliness. You’d think this golden boy would be a pro dancer but that was not the case at all. His moves were silly and dorky, suddenly making Beth’s dancing look more decent as she tried to help him look normal. Sterling didn’t seem to care how bad he looked, as people laughed at him he laughed at himself. Gaining some of the crowds applause, Beth’s swaying and shaking to the music suddenly didn’t feel so awkward. After a few moments, everyone forgot about the two silly dancers and Sterling took ahold of Beth’s hands as they danced together some more. Their bodies touching as the moonlight was covered by clouds and the music spiked louder as they all partied in the dark.

Sterling pulled Beth to him even closer, his dance moves becoming solid and clean. She wondered if his bad dancing had been a way to relax her, but didn’t have much time to think about it because they were moving so close she could practically feel his breath down her neck again. Her body reacted to an electric pulse every time their bodies touched. He lifted her arms into the air and then traced his own hands down her until his fingers were gripping her sides and holding her hips. His head was leaning further and further down in the process, getting close to Beth’s face.

Her heart was beating against his chest a million miles a minute. This kind of thing shouldn’t have been happening, but it was and her body could barely handle it. She trembled against him as her hands fell against his shoulders. It would have made every kind of sense to pull away, instead he whispered, “I really want to kiss you right now.”

About the Author:

Author Photo - Ashley HarrisAuthor and film director Ashley C. Harris resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. When she is not hard at work writing or dreaming up new indie films she spends her time working out, reading the bible, and going on breath taking adventures with her sister.

The seed for becoming an author started budding for Ashley in the third grade, when she wrote her first hundred page book during her class’s quite time, her teacher couldn’t believe it and voiced over her that surly she’d become an author someday. Those words never left Ashley and she has been writing ever since.

Ashley loves to create young adult, science fiction, fantasy novels, and is currently working on her first steamy romance… with more to come.

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