Willow’s Review of Controlling the Dead by Annie Walls


ControllingDeadRating: paw4

Date Published: October 27, 2013

Series: The Famished Trilogy

Goodreads Description:

With the help of her new companions, the path Kansas follows leads to more knowledge of the ever adapting famished.

The team finds help in unlikely places, meeting more survivors, and discovers the possibility of a new beginning.

When the team experiences a devastating loss, Kansas struggles to keep her humanity from fading and distorting like that of the surviving society around her. It begins with knowing who to trust and who to leave behind. First, she must trust herself – she won’t make the same mistakes twice.

As the answers to her questions are revealed, Kansas begins to understand the knowledge comes with a heavy price and great responsibility of controlling the dead.

In a trilogy plot thick with twists and turns, this adult dark fantasy is as emotional as it is horrifyingly gripping.


Zombie novels always tend to be rather hit or miss for me, but Walls’ series definitely ranks as a great read. I really enjoy the first book and was excited to read the sequel. Now I am anxious to get my paws on the final book in order to see how everything ends. If you haven’t had the chance to read Taking on the Dead, the first book in this series, then stop what you are doing and pick up a copy now! This is one series that you MUST read from the beginning in order to understand all of what is happening in the books that follow. And trust me, you won’t regret starting it! =^.^=

I do like Kansas (Kan). She’s fierce, resourceful, intelligent, and I loved the fact that she didn’t give up after everything that happened to her in the first book. This isn’t to say that she doesn’t let it get to her…Kan does go through a fair bit of soul searching in this book as she tries to come to terms with it all. She harbors a lot of guilt, but when everything is said and done, she’s still one hell of a tough as nails character! The other characters, both old and new, are also greatly enjoyable. Glinda is still a total sweetheart, Reese is a ton fun, and Rudy is still sexy as hell. So is Mac if I’m to be entirely honest. Okay, so I still have it bad for both Rudy and Mac…I’m not at all ashamed to admit it. Both aren’t perfect, but they each of qualities that appeal to me and make my whiskers curl in enjoyment. When all is said and done there isn’t a single character in this series who is simply filler. Everyone plays an important role in the events that occur and as a result, they all have something to give to the story. I like them all, even the ones that get under my fur, like Julie. Heehee

Outside of the great characters, this book is full of action, suspense, humor, romance (it took a bit of time, but it eventually happened), and yes, even tears (lots of tears). My mind is still reeling from the loss that occurs in this story. Seriously, I was expecting a different character to die, so I threw a fit when I got to the scene where it happens. Got to hand it to Walls for doing a fantastic job of making to reader emotionally invested in her characters. If I wasn’t worried about the well-being of the rest of the crew before, I’m now bracing myself because I anticipate there being more heartache to come in the final book.

Seriously, this is a series that just keeps getting better with each book and I’m going to be sad when it comes to an end. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves zombie novels, apocalyptic books, or just plain appreciates the macabre.


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