Sense and Sensibility: The Accidental Inspiration – A Guest Post by Katherine Givens

We felines are excited to be hosting Katherine Givens on the blog today as part of her In Her Dreams Blog Tour! For a full list of all the blogs participating in this event, please click HERE! Now before we get to her post, please allow us the opportunity to share with you all the book itself. =^.^=

About the Book:

InHerDreamsPublication Date: October 1st 2013

Published By: Escape Publishing


A flirty, fun, mix-and-match romance about two sisters who are betrothed to the wrong men…

Evangeline Vernon is a woman on the verge of spinsterhood — until the prim and proper Duke of Manchester steps in. Her family is pleased with the match, but the duke is not the passionate man Evangeline craves. Her heart belongs to an alluring, golden-haired gentleman, perfect in every way…except one: he doesn’t exist.

Angela Vernon is everything a proper, well-brought-up woman should be. She knows her place and understands society’s expectations — which include not being jealous of her sister and not coveting her sister’s suitor. But how can she bear the heartache of watching the only man she loves marry not only her sister, but a woman who doesn’t see past his exterior to the man he is beneath?

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Sense and Sensibility: The Accidental Inspiration

 by Katherine Givens

     Sense and Sensibility seems to take a close second in fame when it comes to Jane Austen’s novels, Pride and Prejudice being the first. Upon its publication in 1811, it was looked upon favorably by the British public, but it was overlooked. Austen’s other novels earned all the recognition and accolades, but still Sense and Sensibility maintained some level of appreciation. It wasn’t until the mid-twentieth century that Sense and Sensibility gained fame with the story of the Dashwoods coming to the forefront, surpassing many of Austen’s other works. The novel finally saw the success it deserved.

     Call me biased, but I myself consider this one of Austen’s greatest works. A close second to Pride and Prejudice. I will not shy away when I say that the celebrated novelist has inspired me to pick up my own pen and write historical romances, but what I never expected was for Sense and Sensibility to inspire my own novella titled In Her Dreams. The inspiration was purely accidental, unexpected, and entirely welcomed.

     My idea for In Her Dreams had started out vaguely with the image of a pair of green eyes coaxing me to write. The first scene came out within a matter of hours starting out as a scene for Evangeline Vernon, an opinionated woman with an inclination for the romantic. Then, Evangeline’s sister formed, Angela Vernon. Angela was quiet, shy, and timid. She held her emotions inside and placed her family ahead of her own interests. For those who have read Sense and Sensibility, can you see where I am heading with this?

     A week after working on my story, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Austen’s Sense and Sensibility was my muse for the two sisters of In Her Dreams. I was basing the two sisters of In Her Dreams off of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood!

     I went back to read my manuscript to confirm my suspicions. And you know what, the similarities were uncanny. Sense and Sensibility’s Elinor and Marianne Dashwood are two sisters with opposing personalities. In Her Dream’s Evangeline and Angela Vernon are polar opposites of one another. 

     Looking at Elinor Dashwood, she is the eldest with a reasonable mind, a sweet disposition, and a rationalizing nature. She does not give into flights of fancy, nor does she indulge in silly frivolities. She is the sensible sister. Elinor puts her family’s wellbeing and interests before her own, even if it means sacrificing her own happiness. My Angela Vernon has the exact same personality.

     Looking at Marianne Dashwood, she is one to succumb to her emotions, give into romantic whimsies, and contemplate girlish fantasies. She is the sister that focuses on the senses. My Evangeline Vernon is similar in these respects, but she possesses more intelligence and outspokenness.  

     The sisters in both Sense and Sensibility and my novella In Her Dreams have opposite personalities, but the sisterly bond remains unbroken. The sisters in both stories continue to love one another, but there are trials placed before them. This is where the originality of In Her Dreams shines through. The trials of Evangeline and Angela greatly differ from that of Elinor and Marianne.

     In Her Dreams includes tears, feuding, jealousy, familial love, and a dash of comedy all wrapped up with searing passion. Austen’s Sense and Sensibility was the accidental inspiration, but In Her Dreams is unique in itself. I wish I could be more specific, but you will have to read the story to catch my meaning. Enjoy!

About the Author:

KatherineGivensIn Her Dreams is Katherine’s debut novella, which is published with Harlequin Australia’s imprint Escape Publishing. She is working on a number of other projects and always has ideas flooding her head. In her spare time, Katherine loves to read about history, craft jewellery, and play with her ornery kitten named Bucky. To learn more about Katherine and her writing, please visit the following sites. She loves to hear from readers.

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