Read Along: The First Day by Rhiannon Frater – Week Five


Chapter 16 – 19

This week’s reading was rather meh for me. It’s not that I am not liking this book, it just feels like it’s reached a point where something big really needs to happen in order for me to want to continue with the series. Given that we only have one more week left reading, I don’t see how this is going to happen. I guess what I’m trying to say at this point is, the book has gotten stale for me. It’s a cycle of battle zombies, figure out how to survive, deal with personal issues, lather rinse repeat. It’s lost the wow factor for me.

Anyways, I know this is a short post, but there really wasn’t much that grabbed me in these chapters. The banter between Jenni and Juan still holds a bit of humor for me, and I know it’s only a matter of time before they hook up. And Travis and Katie’s continual dance around their feelings for each other is starting to get on my nerves, mostly because while I get why Katie is holding back, I think she needs to work on coming to terms with reality and get over it all. If everyone else has been able to find a way to move on, if only in small bits, so should she. Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m not really feeling very sympathetic towards her right now. Sigh

It will be interesting to see how Frater ends the book. Here’s hoping it’s with a bang. ~crosses fingers~

Favorite Quotes:

(Just have one this week…and it’s more of a scene than a quote)

As Juan moved away from the table, Jenni said, “Hey, I’m going with you to the library. I want to help.”

He stared at her for a moment, studying her doubtfully, then shrugged. “Fine, Loca. But you’ll do as I say.”

Jenni smirked. “Of course I will.”

Katie looked amused. “I wish I could go along just to enjoy the banter.”

“We don’t banter,” Juan said with a sniff.

“We argue,” Jenni agreed.

“We hate each other,” Juan added.

“Viciously,” Jenni said with a solemn nod.

Travis looked at both of them, then at Katie. “I think they’re secretly dating.”

Juan sputtered and Jenni made a face.

“Definitely,” Katie agreed playfully as she took a seat.

Juan and Jenni eyed each other, then shook their heads vehemently.

“I’d rather date you, Travis,” Juan asserted.

“Oh, how cute!” Katie laughed and wagged her fingers at both me. “It would be a match made in heaven.” – Pages 256-57


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