Read Along: The First Day by Rhiannon Frater – Week Four


Chapters 12 – 15

The further into the book I get, the more that I am finding it difficult to decide who’s storyline I like more, Jenni’s or Katie’s? I think the connection between Travis and Katie is interesting and I really wish that she would just admit to him that she swings both ways when it comes to relationships. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that he likes her a lot, and while I get that she’s still grieving over Lydia, I think Katie should at the very least just be honest with him. I found the flirtation between Juan and Jenni to be amusing and I’m really hoping the two of them hook up…provided they don’t drive each other crazy before the book is over.

I know this will sound a bit twisted, but I was glad to see the end of Tobias. He had gotten on my nerves in last week’s reading and while I have to acknowledge that his belief that those infected could be saved was commendable, that way of thinking is not going to keep a person alive in the long run. And the scene with Lauren, a young woman that Katie found in the supermarket while getting supplies for the camp, left me wondering if I wouldn’t have the same reaction as her should such an event ever happen in real life. If I can anything about my thoughts while reading this story, it’s that it really makes me wonder just what I would do if the zombie apocalypse ever really happened. Knowing my luck, I’d probably be one of the first ones to go. But if I some how managed to survive the initial chaos, I don’t know what I would really do. :-/

Definitely looking forward to next week’s reading!

Favorite Quotes:

Picking up a gun, she looked over her shoulder at the men. “So, basically, I’m risking my life because you pansies don’t want to pick up tampons,” she said, arching her eyebrow critically.

All three nodded.


“Pretty much.”

“Uh-huh.” – Page 207


“Just remember to always be true to your heart and do your best. That will make you strong.” – Page 219


For this week’s reading, Danielle and I decided to share our Top Ten Weapons for the Zombie Apocalypse. I should point out that I found it rather amusing that there are a number of zombie apocalypse stores online these days…talk about one stop shopping. NEways, here’s my list:

1. Guns with plenty of ammo – Yeah, I get that the sound of one going off apparently attracts zombies to you, but the idea of a weapon which works long-range rather than up close has some serious appeal.

2. Crossbow and/or bow & arrow – Long range weapons are a must when avoiding the undead.

3. Kevlar gear/clothing – Okay, so it’s not exactly a weapon, but come on…it’s bite resistant clothing, need I say more?

4. Grenades – Yep, another long-range weapon. Just make sure you don’t accidentally pull the pin until you ready. And then make sure you are out of the blast zone.

5. Long blade – Preferably something which you’ll be able to comfortably hold and swing. Katanas or machetes are nice.  

6. Short blade – Just in case you have to fight close range, having some sort of small blade handy is a must. Plus when you aren’t using it to fight zombies, you can use it for tracking down food for yourself (after you wash it of course).

7. Baseball bat – I don’t know why the visual of a zombie head sailing over the fence of a baseball stadium came into my head when I wrote this, but it works.

8. Head gear with eye protection – If you are going to protect the rest of your body from possible zombie bites, why not protect your face as well? In the event that the zombie virus is spread through some means other than biting, having your face covered a smart idea.

9. Walkie Talkies – Necessary for staying in communication with the others in your survival party. Make sure you’ve got batteries to go with them.

10. All purpose weapons carrying pack – Must have easily accessible compartments for storing of bullets and other equipment. Also should have holsters for your gun, blade, and what not.


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  1. Tobias!! It was a great scene and super tragic! But I like it and how it makes you think “ya I bet someone would be that set to risk dying to save (attempt) one of the infected”.

    • There’s always one in every group I’m sure. But as much as I think he was a fool for thinking he could save them, I also can’t fault him entirely either. Not everyone can become emotionally detached in situations like this.