Read Along: The First Day by Rhiannon Frater

FirstDaysChapters 1-3

Starting today I will be participating in a read along with Danielle of Book Whore on the above title, and every Thursday we will be posting our thoughts on the selected chapters for that week. This week’s reading covers Chapters 1-3. =^.^=

The first thing I can say about this book is that it instantly grabs your attention. With a chapter heading of Tiny Fingers, yeah…the image associated with that phrase is one I won’t be getting out of my head any time soon. Yep, Frater definitely does a great job of unnerving the reader with her writing in this first chapter. ~shudders~

Overall, I’m rather impressed with how the story is playing out so far. Three chapters in and I want to keep reading. Hopefully the book continues to hold strong and keep my interest. While I like Katie, my favorite character at present is Jenni. I definitely think there is more to her than we’ve had a chance to see and I’m looking forward to seeing what surprises her character has in store for us as the story progresses. Can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s reading!

Favorite Scenes:

The first one for me takes place on page 51 when Jenni and Katie are trying to talk a man into leaving his now zombied wife. Not once, but twice, Jenni tells Katie to run the guy’s wife over in order to save his life. And both times Katie does just that, much to the dismay of the husband, who proceeds to berate them for it. In the end they end up leaving him to fend for himself…but at least they made an effort to try and save him.

Another favorite scene is when Katie and Jenni meet Nerit and Ralph at Toombs Hunting Store and Katie realizes that Nerit is ticking off names of town folks she’s managed to kill who were infected on a sheet of paper. It may seem twisted to some, but I found the entire idea to be rather amusing. End of the world is happening and here’s Nerit calmly picking off her neighbors one by one from the roof of her husband’s store, not even batting an eye over it. I really hope both Nerit and her husband survive to see the end of the book because I rather like the two of them a lot.

Favorite Quote:

Jenni leaned out the driver’s side. “Uh, zombie-“

Katie looked up to see the man still shambling toward them.

Jenni picked up the shotgun from the floor of the truck and handed it to Katie. “Just shoot him in the head. That’s how it works in the movies.” – Page 29


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  1. Tiny Fingers!!! Omg I was about to cry! It is the chapter the jumped out at me the most. I think it was super smart of the author because she grabs woman on an emotional level.