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Today we are excited to have the wonderful Lori Foster, author of Bare It All, the second book in her Love Undercover series, visiting with us during her Bare It All Blog Tour hosted by BookTrib. Welcome Lori and thank you for joining us, murr! =^.^=

Please tell us 3 fun facts about yourself.

LoriFosterBioPicL.F. – I wasn’t much of a reader until after I’d had 3 kids and my sister introduced me to the joy of romance novels. Before that I read a lot of my grandma’s “True Romance” magazine stories. I do remember reading “The Contender” but I don’t remember liking it more than those magazine romance stories.

My favorite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast. Two strong characters, a wounded hero, an epic romance… Good stuff.

I LOVE horror movies and action movies. I go to the theater at least once a week, often twice if there are movies I want to see. A bad horror movie is more entertaining to me that a perfect drama. And there are very few chic flicks I enjoy. Popcorn, cola, violence and blood – right up my alley. And if they throw in a sexy Alpha guy, I’m there.

Could you tell us a couple of favorite books/authors that inspired you to write?

L.F. – Stella Cameron has been an angel on earth, giving me wonderful advice whenever I needed it. She will always be my hero.

At a local conference, before I’d ever sold, I met Stella. We hit it off and she was so kind that she offered to look at my work. I drove home (squealing all the way) and snatched up a manuscript, then drove back to the conference hotel. Stella sat on the bed in her room and read through several pages with me anxiously watching, my stomach in knots. And she said something life-altering. I don’t remember the exact words, but she told me I would definitely sell, that my voice was special, and that she was impressed.

That was really welcome praise, considering I’d been working on selling a book for 2 years. It had been revised, then revised again… and each time I sent it off I had to wait another 6 to 9 months.

Later that same day she sort of trapped a Harlequin editor in the elevator and asked if she was going to buy my book. (At that point the editor had had the revised manuscript for over 8 months.) When the editor waffled, unsure, Stella said she would just give my manuscript to her own editor with her recommendation – and the Harlequin editor said, “No, I’m buying her.”

I still smile when thinking of that. After waiting all that time, Stella got an editor to commit to me in an elevator at a conference hotel.

How could I not revere that woman?

Oh, and besides all that, Stella is an AMAZING author! I still love her work.

What is your writing process? Do you outline, fly by the seat of your pants, or a combination of both?

L.F. – It’s pretty weird how the process works for me. I almost always see a scene first, and in this case, the scene was a hunky male neighbor putting the moves on a female neighbor because she had a secret that he needed to know. When I started writing, I was unsure what the secret might be, why the heroine was keeping the secret, and why the hero needed it. See, very weird!

I’ve always been drawn to those stories where the male protagonist gets himself into deep trouble – under the best of intentions – and then has to find a way to regain the heroine’s trust. Good examples are “Loving Evangeline,” by Linda Howard, or “Scandal,” by Amanda Quick. Most of the wonderful books by Kresley Cole, too.

I love it when the characters are honorable, but are forced to do dishonorable deeds.

Can you please share with us your typical writing day. Is there anything you have to have while writing?

L.F. – I write well with chaos. If the house gets too quiet my mind wanders away from my book. I usually have the music playing pretty loud (and yeah, I sing along and bounce in my chair) with a few candles burning and my many pets bugging me every few minutes. My desk at home faces the pond so I can see the fish jump and the occasional hawk snag a meal.

My desk at the lakehouse faces the lake so I can see the fishermen go by, the skiers and boaters… I like water and find it very inspirational.

How did you come up with the title, Bare It All?

BareItAllL.F. – The hero’s name is Reese Bareden, and back during his school days he got caught – without his towel – in the locker room by a bunch of cheer leaders. They dubbed him “Bare It All Bareden.” Now, the reason why the cheerleaders were sneaking in the locker room to get a peek… that’s something you’ll have to find out by reading the book!

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

L.F. – No idea. The ideas are just… there. I’m so amazed by authors who can teach this stuff, because it’s impossible for me. I’ll be minding my own business (often working on a different book) and bam! I get hid upside the head with characters who want on the page – or sometimes they just show up on the page without even introducing themselves first – and sometimes that’s not enough for them. They want their own books too!

It’s almost magical to me. I could never dissect the process or explain it.

It just is.

Once the characters are there, THEY tell me what the idea is. They lead me through the plot, sometimes page by page – although sometimes they tell me the whole story right up front.

Can you tell us about the journey that led you to write your book?

L.F. – For “Bare It All,” book #2 in the “Love Undercover” series, Reese is the hero. I was writing about Logan and Pepper from book #1 and then suddenly Logan called his buddy Reese, who I found out was also a detective. He said he had some secrets – and I had to keep writing to find out what they were.

Weird, right? I’m always as surprised as the reader! But that’s what keeps it fun, I guess.

Anyhoo… Reese was a secondary character and then, because of how big he was on the page, I knew he’d be book #2. Rowdy and Dash also showed up in book #1, and I knew right away they’d demand their own books as well.

Much of “Bare It All” was worked out in the first book. Reese met Alice, and we all knew right away they’d be perfect for each other. How that would happen, what would propel them into a romance, wasn’t crystal clear, so I had to wait for Alice to tell me some things, and for her to work out some stuff with Reese…

Yes, they talk to me a lot – often when I’m trying to sleep!

What was the most difficult scene for you to write in Bare it All?

L.F. – I don’t really write difficult scenes. If they’re hard for me to write, I assume they aren’t as exciting or fun or sexy and that readers will be disinterested. It’s every author’s nightmare to imagine readers skipping pages. If I’m going to write it, I want you to read it, so I try to only write the scenes that excite me in some way, either because of the action, the humor or the emotion.

That said, transition scenes can be tricky, so although I can’t say I struggle with them, they aren’t as much fun as say a love scene, or a big fight, or whatever.

Would you want to be any character from your book?

L.F. – I’ve been married to my own hero for 35 years. We’ve had a mostly uneventful life free of tragedy or heartbreak. We have 3 healthy, wonderful sons and 2 amazingly adorable grandsons. My point is that to be a character in a book I’d have to change everything I cherish. I’ve already lived – am still living – an incredible romance. No reason to turn to fiction. 🙂

And honestly, I think it’s my own personal happiness that makes it so easy for me to create romantic stories. Reading what I just wrote here… of course we’ve had our ups and downs, our share of worries and disappointments. But together everything is easier, more bearable, until all you see are the many blessings. That’s real romance. That’s reality. I’ve been a very, very luck woman.

What upcoming projects are you working on and when can your fans expect to look for them?

L.F. – That depends on how long it takes me to finish my current manuscript – which will be book 4 in the “Love Undercover” series. If I finish it early enough, I’ll start a new L. L. book, meaning more urban fantasy and more graphic gore. If it takes longer to finish, then I’ll jump into the next romance single title.

Book Trailer for Bare It All

About Lori Foster

Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a Waldenbooks, Borders, USA Today, Publishers Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. She also received the Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award” for Series Romantic Fantasy and Contemporary Romance.

Lori believes it is important to give back to the community as much as possible, so she routinely arranges events among authors and readers to gather donations for various organizations.

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