Sara’s Review of Wings of Tavea by Devri Walls


WingsTaveaRating: paw5

Publisher: Stonehouse Ink

Date Published: December 11, 2012

Series: The Solus

Goodreads Description:

Kiora is rapidly learning that evil and lies come in shades of black and white and swirling greys, but nothing could have prepared her for the shock of leaving Meros.

Kiora and her protector Emane step through the pass into a world they never knew existed but were always meant to save, only to find it far worse than they could have ever imagined. Good has been forced into hiding for its own survival, while the rest of the land bows to the Shadow, a force that pushes any remaining thoughts of Dralazar from Kiora’s mind. This land is full of new creatures, each more dangerous than the last. Her visions have taken on a deadly twist, and magic, or what comes of it, was never so real. And then there is Alcander: a Tavean, their guide, and an entirely different kind of trouble.


As I’ve already mentioned, I have found a serious love for Devri Walls and her writing. After having finished the first book of this series, I knew without a moment of a doubt that I wanted to read the second book in order to find out what happens next to Kiora and Eamon. Normally when I pick up the next book of the series, I find that they tend to be not as thrilling as the first was, but that was so not the case with this one. If anything this was equally as wonderful, murr! =^.^=

I must say first off that if you haven’t read the first book of this series, please stop reading this review and go read Wings of Arian immediately. I’m not saying this for the sake of spoilers, but simply because you really can’t read this book until you know what is happening in the first one. There’s no way around it. I’m also saying this because the events in this book take place almost immediately after everything in book one.

One things I was pleased to see was that the characters continued to grow and develop. Kiora’s much stronger and more confident this time around, though she still has moments of weakness and emotional breakdowns. Emane also still has his sarcastic side and is quick to temper, but he’s also become much more attuned to his role as Protector. Okay, to be honest, he still gets under my fur sometimes, especially when he knows that he shouldn’t do something, but he does it anyways. That aside, I still like him. Dralazar lost a bit of his appeal for me, mostly because of his seducing of Kiora’s sister (minor spoiler). I completely understand why he did it, and I’ll readily admit that his plan was a good one, but I feel as though he could have gotten what he wanted without fully messing with Layla’s heart. Drustan, who was introduced in first book, is a fun character. He’s got a lot of energy, and thanks to the way that Walls wrote him, that energy carries over to the reader instantly. I found myself constantly smiling with him. It really didn’t take long for him to become a favorite of mine. As for Alcander, I don’t know whether I like him or hate him. From the moment he was introduce I was suspicious of him and he really rubbed my fur the wrong way. He’s rather pompous and extremely arrogant, and I hated how he treated Drustan and Emane (especially Emane). But despite that, he is also rather appealing, and I can understand why Kiora gravitates towards him. Still doesn’t me that I don’t want to smack him at times.

Just like with the first book, the descriptions of the characters, the setting, and the creatures who inhabit this world were all vividly described. I really do enjoy a story that paints a picture in your head as you read, even more so when that picture becomes a full length movie.

Also just like with the first book, I didn’t want to put this one down once I started reading. I could have easily read it in one sitting if it wasn’t for the fact that I did need to do a few other things besides read. The story is fast paced, extremely engaging, and guaranteed to keep you wanting to find out what happens next. I really loved the fact that the story wasn’t overly predictable. Yes, there were a few things that I figured out pretty quick, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the book.

The only thing I wasn’t entirely thrilled with was the love triangle. I’m really getting tired of seeing this in most of the YA’s that I read. I understand that it creates drama and all, but seriously, there are other ways to achieve this without having a three-way love interest.

That aside, I’m definitely anxious to get my paws on the third book of the series in order to find out what happens next! And if what I recently saw was correct, third book may not actually be the end of Kiora’s adventures. If this is really the case, then that makes me even more anxious to find out what happens. Devri Walls, you have now have a feline fan amongst all your many readers. Purrs and tail waves to you for a job well done! =^.^=

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