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Our goal with “Our Favorite Authors” is to help our followers find new authors whom they might never have tried before and also thank those authors whom have touched our lives over the years. And since there is no shortage in authors whom we love, we are positive this monthly post will be a success! 🐱



Born: 1926

Died: 2011

Anne McCaffrey was educated at Radcliffe College, Massachusetts, and has a degree cum laude in Slavonic Languages and Literature. She is a past winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, and has written many novels, short stories and novellas, and various articles. Her most celebrated series is the world-famous Dragonriders of Pern saga.

The matron of fantasy/sci-fi as far as I’m concerned! This is the woman responsible for my love of all books fantasy. =^.^= With the exception of a few selected series, I own pretty much all of her books and have read then multiple times over the years. My heart broke the day I learned she had passed away.


My all time favorite of hers are The Dragonriders of Pern series. The first time I picked up the series was in Middle School and it came at the suggestion of my step-grandmother. I was rather hesitant at first because I was heavily into mystery books at the time and wasn’t looking to try something different, but eventually I decided to try the first three books. In one summer I devoured all of the Dragonrider books I could find! There was just something magical about the series. The idea of being able to fly on the backs of dragons, of being chosen by one for life, there was so much about this series that I loved. The world of Pern became a playground for me and the series provided hours of entertainment as I was growing up. Even today, this series stands out above all of hers for me.


From there I moved on to McCaffrey’s Pegasus books and Tower and Hive series. Even though they are technically separate books series, I read them as a complete set because the events that take place in the Pegasus books set up the world in the Tower and Hive series. I like to think of the Pegasus books as a prequel series to the Tower and Hive books. Regardless of how they are read, these are great books because they deal with people with special talents: telekinesis, telepathy, the ability to see the future or the past, to understand every language ever spoken, etc. I loved the idea and I loved the characters. There were so many characters that I loved in these books that I almost considered writing fanfic based on many of them (a first for me). These were the books that made me look at my mother and as for a Pooka (cute critter introduce in The Rowan). Yeah, I never did get a Pooka sadly. Never got Afra Lyon either…sigh


Another of my favorite series was the Catteni series. These were a fascinating set of sci-fi books and I must have read the first book at least a dozen times after it first came out. Once again I fell in love with the characters and I greatly enjoyed the world that McCaffrey created with these. McCaffrey did a fantastic job describing the alien creatures to the point where I could easily envision them. These were my favorite scifi books ever and I’ve never found any that have so easily pulled me in from the start as this series did.

Of course I could go on to talk about McCaffrey’s Petaybee series, her Crystal Singer books, the Doona series, and so on, but I think you get the idea of how much I love McCaffrey’s writing. All of her books are worth checking out, including her stand-alone books. Of course, my favorite stand-alone novel of her’s is of course No One Noticed the Cat. No surprise there, huh? =^.~=

If you’ve never read a book by Anne McCaffrey then I highly suggest that you rectify that immediately! You are missing out otherwise, trust me.


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