WinterHaven Sleigh Tour – Dear Santa Wish List


Today, What the Cat Read, is excited to join the WinterHaven Sleigh Tour hosted by WinterHaven Books. This week’s task is to share your Santa Letter that spotlights a book you hope to find under the Christmas tree. And because it’s the holidays and all three felines have been on their best behavior (for the most part), it seemed only fair to let all of them share one of their picks. To see who else is on the sleigh, please visit WinterHaven Sleigh Tour for a full list of participating bloggers, murr! =^.^=


Dear Santa,

We’re willing to bet that you don’t get many letters from felines, but we humbly ask that you take a moment to read our letter. We’d like to think that we’ve been exceptionally good little kitties this year. Sure there’s been the occasional squabble between us, but for the most part we’ve tried to play nice with each other all year-long. We’ve been working hard sharing the books that we love on our blog with readers far and wide, and we’ve shown plenty of love to our humans. Hopefully all of this and the things not listed are enough to earn us our holiday wishes this year. ~purrs~

Since we are well-read felines, we are always adding to our list of books that we’d love to read and own some day. Yes, it’s true that we have plenty already, but with so many wonderful books out there in the world, one or two more in the collection wouldn’t hurt too much would it? =^.^=

Here are the books that we would love to find under our Christmas Tree this year if possible:


Buggy wishes for a copy of Alix and Nicky: The Passion of the Last Tsar and Tsarina by Virginia Rounding. She’s always been fascinated with the Romanovs and their history.


Willow would like it if you would consider leaving her a copy of The Iron Wyrm Affair by Lilith Saintcrow. Between the synopsis and the cover art, she’s been anxious to get her paws on this book since it was first brought to her attention.


As for myself, Sara, I would be forever beholden to you if you would bring me a copy of Dearly, Beloved by Lia Habel, book two in the Gone With the Respiration series.


And as a special request, our human, Cameron, has done so much for us over the years, we would love it if you could leave her a special surprise book under the tree as well. We thought long and hard over which book she might like, and we thought it would be super sweet if you left her a copy of Dark Currents: Agent of Hel by Jacqueline Carey. She really does deserve something extra nice and we know she wouldn’t ask for it herself, murr!

Could you find it in your heart to make our feline wishes come true this Christmas?

We are looking forward to spending the holidays curled up with our humans, enjoying good books and more. And we hope that you have a wonderful holiday time as well.

Much purrs and tail waves to you,

Sara, Willow, and Buggy


Now dear readers, it is your turn to share your wish list with us! What one book are you hoping is under the tree this year?

WinterHaven Books will be choosing one random commenter who shares their Book Wish with one of the Sleigh Tour Blogger’s Santa Letter post. Yes that’s right, WinterHaven will visit one of the blogs participating in this weeks event, chose a number and gift a random commenter their book wish! So the more blogs you visit and share your book wish with, the better your chances of winning!

Make sure and leave us with a way to get in touch with you in the same message as your book wish and you may be the one that WinterHaven picks.


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  1. Oh, those are interesting choices!! Love the Russian history one:)

    I’d love Clockwork Princess:))

    Lovely letter!!

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  2. I have to agree that one or two or maybe even three books will not hurt 😉 looool. I haven’t heard these books except for Dearly Departed, but I must say they look awesome. I hope Santa gets you all these books for Christmas! If I could have one book this year, it’d be Through the Ever Night! 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

  3. A lot of good choices! I am glad you kitties like to read books, my kitties like to sleep on books! lolz.. Here’s to Santa Klaws visiting us this year!
    Dear Santa w/Bella’s Bookshelf

  4. Great choices! I really want Poison Princess by Kresley Cole.
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com