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Rating: paw5

Date Published: November 5th 2012

Goodreads Description:

Beautiful, wild-child Nicole Tepper is hit by a car and left for dead. But when she wakes the next morning, Nicole finds herself in bed without a scratch. Perhaps she was more intoxicated than usual, as her mother is giving her the silent treatment and her friends are ignoring her as well.

Things take a turn for the weird when Nicole soon discovers she is actually hovering between life and death. Her body is lying in the forest while her spirit is searching for anyone who can hear her. Unfortunately the only person who can is Dale Finnigan, the guy she publicly humiliated with a sharp-tongued insult that has left him branded.

Desperate, Nicole has no choice but to haunt Dale and convince the freaked-out senior to help her. Will he find her body before it’s too late? Or will the guy who tried to kill her with his car, beat him there and finish her off before anyone finds out?

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After having read the synopsis for this book, I knew I had to read it. There were so many elements to it that piqued my interest, I just knew this would be a great read. And it was, on so many levels, murr! =^.^=

Believe it or not, I actually found it difficult to write this review. Even now I’m looking at it and wishing I could rewrite parts of it. Why? Because I don’t like coming across as a crazy fan-cat talking non-stop about how wonderful the story was. But if I’m to be honest, this book deserves some serious purrs. Not only does Pearl do an amazing job of building the relationship between Nicole and Dale, but she takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster along the way. I laughed, cried, hissed, and purred throughout the reading of this book, and I loved every minute of it. And I do apologize if this review sounds more raving and less critical, but what can I say, I’m still riding the high of satisfaction that comes from a great read!

When we first meet Nicole, she comes across as the typical mean-spirited, popular girl. She’s the type of character I normally wouldn’t like, but as I continued to read my feelings towards her changed dramatically, and by the end I loved her. There are reasons for why she acts the way she does, and all I will say is that some of those reasons will pull at your heartstrings. Dale also is an amazing character. Like Nicole, he has his secrets and he’s faced his own struggles. He’s a total sweetheart and I loved him the very moment he showed up in the book. Both of them together are an amazing couple. You wouldn’t think at first that they could ever manage to get along, but little by little they start to gain an understanding of each other, and eventually you start to wonder how these two were never an item to begin with.

I loved the emotions Pearl conveys in this book. Some of the scenes between Nicole and Dale are just hysterical. One that comes to mind was a scene in the computer lab between Nicole, Dale, and a girl named Sophie. I won’t go into detail about what happens during this scene, but I will say that I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. I actually rather felt a bit sorry for Dale at the end of it because Nicole does put him in a bit of a difficult spot, but it was still funny. And the scene where Dale’s dog, Jester, bursts in had me grinning like crazy. There are also some truly heartbreaking scenes, like when Dale learns about what happened to Nicole’s family, or the scenes where Nicole starts to learn the truth about her so-called “friends.” And don’t even get me started on the suspense! I couldn’t put this book down because of it. I had to find out if Dale would find Nicole in time and whether she would live or not. There were a couple of moments where I actually wanted to scream at Dale to hurry up already, that’s how caught up in the story I was.

And then there’s the mystery in the book. Who hit Nicole and why? The answer will surprise you. I actually couldn’t believe it myself when I found out. And when I learned what that person wanted to do to Nicole upon finding out she was still alive…yeah, talk about messed up.

I definitely recommend this book to any one who loves to read. The lessons this book teaches can be applied to any age, the story will keep you reading long into the night, the characters will both delight you and drive you crazy, and the writing is just wonderful. For my first introduction to Pearl’s books, I don’t think I could have chosen a better novel, and I definitely plan on checking out her Time Spirit Trilogy at some point! Do yourself a favor and give this book a try. I promise, you won’t regret it. =^.^=


About the Author:


Melissa Pearl was born in Auckland, New Zealand, but has spent much of her life abroad, living in countries such as Jordan, Cyprus and Pakistan… not to mention a nine month road trip around North America with her husband. “Best. Year. Ever!!” She now lives in China with her husband and two sons. She is a trained elementary teacher, but writing is her passion. Since becoming a full-time mother she has had the opportunity to pursue this dream and her debut novel hit the internet in November, 2011. Since then she has produced three more books with her fifth novel, Betwixt, due out in November 2012.

Social Media links: Facebook, Website, & Twitter: @MelissaPearlG


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  1. Wow – what an amazing review! Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you loved the book and I’m really glad I could make you laugh. I found those scenes pretty funny too and had so much fun with Nicole’s dialogue 🙂