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Our goal with “Our Favorite Authors” is to help our followers find new authors whom they might never have tried before and also thank those authors whom have touched our lives over the years. And since there is no shortage in authors whom we love, we are positive this monthly post will be a success! 🐱


Mercedes Lackey has a degree in biology from Purdue University. Like many writers she has worked at a variety of jobs, including short stints as a waitress, security guard and artist’s model. She lives outside Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband and collaborator, artist Larry Dixon, their several birds and two dogs.

Across the board, Lackey is one of our all time favorite authors! There isn’t a book of her’s that we felines haven’t loved. She is an author we repeatedly go back to whenever we want a fun read. And at this point, it’s safe to say that we own almost all of her books. =^.^=

Our first introduction to Lackey came when our human, Cameron, brought home the first three books of her Valdemar series after a friend of her’s recommended them. Cameron convinced us to give them a try once she had finished them, and we’re glad she did because the series was wonderful! We actually made her go out and find the rest of the books so that we could continue are travels through Valdemar. And when she couldn’t buy the books, we insisted that she get them from the library for us. Course, now thanks to our human friend Linda, we have all of the books so we can reread them any time we like without having to worry about where to find them. The world and creatures that Lackey created for this series of books is just amazing. The trilogies are engaging, and though they all take place during certain points in Valdemar’s history, you don’t have to read each trilogy in order of the timeline of events. In other words, if you want to read the Mage Winds trilogy and then follow it up with the Heralds of Valdemar, you can. There’s no hard set rule on how you read the books, murr!

The next set of books from Lackey that we picked up was her Elemental Masters series, though we didn’t realize it was going to be a series at the time. Cameron picked up The Fire Rose because she’s a fan of the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast, so any retelling of the original fairytale is something she has to check out. She’s since read this book so many times, she’s got it memorized! Add in the numerous readings by all of us felines, and well…our only copy is starting to fall apart. We LOVED this world. And when the “first” Elemental Master’s novel, The Serpent’s Shadow, came out, we realized that it was set in the same realm as The Fire Rose (though at the time it was considered a separate world entirely if memory serves us right). Anyways, we’ve devoured this series and have since been anxiously waiting for each new book as they come out. And before you ask, none of us have yet to decide which element we’d like to have “mastery” of. It would be wonderful if we could master all of them, but since there is incompatibility between the elements, it’s unlikely that such a desire could be made possible. Sigh


Just as we found Lackey’s Elemental Masters series thanks to her retelling of Beauty and the Beast, we found her Five Hundred Kingdoms series the same way. When our human picked up a copy of Beauty and the Werewolf, our curiosity in the series was piqued. And so a quest to find the first book of the series began and a love of a new series was achieved. To live in a world that tries to pigeon-hole you into a certain fairytale role…it’s both intriguing and scary at the same time. While we’ve not yet read all the books in this series, we are steadily working our way through them.

We’ve also picked up many of Lackey’s other novels too. From her Diana Tregarde series to Shadow Grail books, there’s something for every reader to enjoy!


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