Willow’s Review of The Moonstone and Miss Jones by Jillian Stone


Publisher: Brava

Date Published: September 25, 2012

Series: Paranormal Investigator

Goodreads Description:

A master of paranormal deduction—and paramour seduction—Phaeton Black has a knack for bumping into things that go bump in the night, from ghoulies and ghosties to long-leggedy beauties…

Mooning For The Moonstone

Barely escaping the clutches of a succulent succubus, Phaeton Black returns to London only to get sucked into another unearthly scheme. Professor Lovecraft has been tinkering with the secrets of life and death, replacing body parts with the latest mechanical marvels. To succeed, he needs to tap the power of the fabled Moonstone—and he needs Phaeton’s help. Of course, Phaeton would prefer to investigate the more interesting body parts of Miss America Jones. Perhaps, bringing his lady friend along for the ride won’t be to too much trouble…

Shanghaied In Shanghai

The bewilderingly beautiful and bountifully gifted daughter of a Cajun witch, Miss Jones is always up for an adventure, especially with Mr. Black as her traveling companion. But when Phaeton is mysteriously shanghaied in Shanghai, America thinks he’s run out on her. Stranded in the Orient—and steaming mad—she’s prepared to look under every stone for the missing detective. The case has put them both in the most compromising positions, but this time, Miss Jones is on top and Mr. Black is at the bottom…of a truly infernal plot.


An alternate London that is unraveling and taking present-day London down with it, a trio of succubus sisters who won’t take no for an answer, and a mysterious egg that everyone wants to get their hands on. Who can you turn too in order to help set things to rights? Why, Phaenton Black and America Jones of course!

After having read The Seduction of Phaenton Black back in June, I knew that I’d be continuing the series. I greatly enjoyed the adventures of Phaenton and America in the first book, so I was really looking forward to revisiting them. When the opportunity to read The Moonstone and Miss Jones came up for a tour event, I pounced on it without a moment’s hesitation! Yes, the series is that good.

The first thing I would like to mention is, though this is the second book of a series, you do not necessarily have to read book one in order to understand what is going on. The events from the first book a touched upon, but the adventure and mystery that take place are separate issues from those in the first book. However, I would strongly recommend that you read The Seduction of Phaenton Black only because it will give you a deeper appreciation for the characters and the events taking place in this novel.

Having said that, I really enjoyed The Moonstone and Miss Jones. Stone has once again managed to create a storyline that hooks the reader from the first page and keeps them reading long into the night. The adventure, humor, and romance that I loved so much from the first book are back along with a new element: steampunk. Okay, admittedly there were some steampunk elements in the first book, but they were not nearly as noticeable as they are this time around. Let’s just say that the man with the mechanical face left an impression on me. =^.^=

Character wise, Phaenton is still the same cocky, sensual man and just like with the first book, I couldn’t help but fall for him. As for America, while she is still humorous and sassy, I couldn’t help but notice that she’s a bit more cautious and exhibits a more protective aura about her than before. Course, given her condition that isn’t much of a surprise. And this in no way detracts from the steamy chemistry between her and Phaenton. The two of them are still just as hot for each other as ever before. Yeah, there isn’t much either of these characters could do to make me not love them.

Stone also introduces us to a whole slew of new characters, all of whom I hope will be returning for the third book. Valentine, Jersey, Cutter (the man with the mechanical face) and Ruby are an intriguing group of individuals assigned to act of bodyguards to Phaenton and America. Called Nightshades, I couldn’t help but feel like they were similar to the Knights Templar, only with a twist. And then there is Lovecraft, the deranged inventor who I absolutely loved! There are so many different facets to his character that I enjoyed exploring. He’s the perfect antagonist for Phaenton and America.

This book is a fast, well written read. And may I say that the ending just about killed me! Where as the ending to the first book was nicely wrapped up and left you with the sense that things will turn out alright for everyone, this one definitely leaves you hanging and wondering what is going to happen next. It’s torture to know that I have to wait until next summer to read the third book of the series. Normally I hate cliffhangers, but this one is worth it.

If you are a fan returning, or a reader looking for a new adventure, The Moonstone and Miss Jones will not disappoint you!

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