Sweet Evil Read Along – Week Four

This month I, Sara, am participating in the Sweet Evil Read Along which is hosted by Magical Urban Fantasy Reads. Each week I will be writing a post which covers that week’s theme, my thoughts on the story so far, and a few of my favorite quotes. So without further ado, on to the event, murr! =^.^=

Theme: Halloween!

My Favorite Holiday

I suppose it is considered strange by many that a feline would have a favorite holiday, let alone have it be Halloween, but let me explain the reasoning behind this.

First off, I don’t love this day because of the candy (that’s a reason my human gives). Truthfully, I love this day because it’s the one night out of the year where things feel their most magical to me. There’s no drama or angst associated with this day, no crazy running around trying to get everything perfect. You dress up, have fun, party with friends, or stay in and enjoy a night of scary movies or a horror novel. And yes the candy, or catnip in my case, is a nice added bonus.

It’s also a time of year where some cultures remember the loved ones who have passed on in life. In the house I’m a part of, we always honor our ancestors and loved ones by lighting candles or just taking a moment to reflect on those gone. We’ve celebrated Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, etc. many times over the years and will continue to do so for many years to come. I honestly can’t imagine doing it any other way.

My human, Cameron, is especially fond of this holiday. As she puts it, she gets to be a kid again when she carves pumpkins, decorates the house, and hands out candy to the kids who come by. She particularly loves to see all the different costumes that the kids wear. Every so often she will go to a party hosted by a friend and dress up herself in costumes that she pulls together out of whatever is on hand. I remember one year she pulled together a Puss ‘n’ Boots costume at the last-minute by pairing together a pair of black jeans, a peasant style top, knee-high black boots, and a bit of make-up. She even had a sword which to pulled from an old pirate costume. I have to give her purrs for fast thinking, murr!

Overall, when all is said and done, I actually enjoy all of the holidays that are celebrated in my house, but Halloween will always be my ultimate favorite. =^.^=

Mini Review

My thoughts so far

I will of course be writing a full review later, but for now, enjoy this brief glimpse into my thoughts on the final chapters of the book.

I’m rather sad to see this book come to an end. And I can’t wait for book 2 to come out!! So much happens in these last few chapters. The New Years Eve party where Anna dances on the bar was rather entertaining, even if I didn’t like that she was forced to work. The scene were Kaidan and Anna kiss…meow! And the part where Anna must decide whether to sacrifice her life or take the life of another. Oh there are just too many great scenes to talk about! And what’s worse, I can’t really talk about them here because then I’d be spoiling things, and I hate spoilers. Let me simply state that I couldn’t have imagined a better way to end the book. Well done Wendy Higgins, well done.

Favorite Quotes

“His mouth found mine in the dark, fiery and rough. I gave a tiny whimper before melting into him and pulling his face down to mine even harder. In that kiss we spoke all of the things we couldn’t say. He kissed me with an urgency born of some strong, unstable emotion: Fury.” – Page 416


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