Sweet Evil Read Along – Week Three

This month I, Sara, am participating in the Sweet Evil Read Along which is hosted by Magical Urban Fantasy Reads. Each week I will be writing a post which covers that week’s theme, my thoughts on the story so far, and a few of my favorite quotes. So without further ado, on to the event, murr! =^.^=

Theme: Truth or Dare!

10 Truths About the Felines of What the Cat Read

So, this week’s theme is Truth or Dare, and well, I’m not the type of feline who likes dares, so I think I shall with you a few truths. But these won’t just be truths about me. Oh no, Willow and Buggy have agreed to let me share a few truths about them too. =^.^=


1. When I was a young feline I use to be allowed outdoors. One day I got attacked by a vicious animal and suffered serious injuries. There was speculation amongst the humans as to whether I would survive or not. But I wasn’t done with life yet, so I made it my mission to recover. Today, I’m a happy, healthy feline, who’s only reminder from that day is the lost sight in my right eye.

2. I love to burrow under sheets! Especially during the Winter months. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a sand worm from the book series, Dune.

3. Neither Sara, nor Sarabear are my actual names. They are both nicknames! My true name is Saraswati after the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music, arts, and science. Pretty cool huh? Murr!


1. When I was a year old, I locked my human out of her house, not once, but twice on the same day! The first time was after she had gone out to celebrate her birthday and came home early the next morning. I was so upset with her that I batted at the security flip latch on the door until it was secure. It was rather enjoyable watching her climb through her bedroom window at 3 in the morning. Later that day I reminded her who was in charge by reaching up and pawing the deadbolt until it latched. This only worked because she left her key in the apartment while she went to take out the trash. She had to ask her landlady for the extra key to get back in. =^.^=

2. I once scaled the Christmas tree on a dare. Yeah, that wasn’t my best move. I got stuck at the top and starting crying in fear. Thankfully my human was home and able to get me down. We never had a Christmas tree in the house again after that though.

3. I use to flush the toilets just to watch the water swirl around the bowl. My human put a stop to that bit of fun by keeping the lid down from then on when it was not being used. Sigh


1. For those of you who don’t already know, I have diabetes. As a result, I get to have an insulin shot once a day. Stupid needles.

2. My birthday is listed as being on October 31.

3. I’m very particular about the cleanliness about my litter box. If it doesn’t meet my standards, I like my humans know of my displeasure.


1. All of us love Catnip!

Mini Review

My thoughts so far

Very interesting chapters this week. I love the other Nephilim! They seem like a pretty fun group and I hope they come back in the second book. I’ll admit I found myself getting annoyed with Kaidan this time around. His behavior in these chapters leaves a lot to be desired. Wish that he’d just get over himself already and admit that he really loves Anna. Oh, and the stunt Anna’s father pulls on her was rather messed up. I understand why he did it, but wow…I’m not sure I’d be so trusting of him if I were in Anna’s shoes.

Favorite Quotes

“He leaned closer. ‘Could you resist a drug if I repeatedly placed it on the tip of your tongue, Ann? Could you? We’re playing with fire!'” – Page 250

“…Don’t worry. We haven’t tortured the poor girl. She’s the one trying to torture us with American iced tea….” – Page 277

“‘Would you like some sweet tea?’ she asked. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Patti Whitt. ‘Yes, ma’am, I’d appreciate it.’ And my father, the fear-provoking gentleman.” – Page 320


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