Sweet Evil Read Along – Week One

This month I, Sara, am participating in the Sweet Evil Read Along which is hosted by Magical Urban Fantasy Reads. Each week I will be writing a post which covers that week’s theme, my thoughts on the story so far, and a few of my favorite quotes. So without further ado, on to the event, murr! =^.^=

Theme: Road Trip!

Sara’s Must Haves When Traveling

I’ll be honest, I don’t do much by way of road trips. The idea of long hours stuck in a small carrier really does not appeal to me. Plus, I don’t really do well with change. The longest road trip I’ve ever done was a one hour drive from one new home to another with my human, Cameron, and I spent a good week hiding from her afterwards. Have I mentioned I really do not like car rides? So while I may not done any road trips, this isn’t to say that I’m not prepared should the need arise. Here’s a list of my must have items:

1. A number of selected, hard to reach by human standards, hiding places in order to avoid going on said road trip.

2. Comfortable blanket – No way is this feline going to travel in a carrier that isn’t sufficiently padded with something soft!

3. Kibble – A feline has to eat too, you know.

4. Catbox with fresh cat sand.

5. Catnip – If you have to ask why, you obviously have never had a cat in your life. =^.^=

6. Music – Anyone else like Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cats?

7. Directions and a map – In the unfortunate event that my human(s) become lost, I want to be able to guide them home. The less amount of time I have to spend in the carrier, the better!

Mini Review

My thoughts so far

Loved the opening prologue! It immediately grabbed my attention and pulled me into the story. I didn’t want to put the book down. The book itself has an interesting storyline, I’m enjoying the characters, and I’m wondering why I haven’t read this book sooner. While I’ve not gone Kaidan crazy, he is the type of character I could see myself falling for! Gotta love that bad boy image, and Kaidan exudes it in spades. Overall, I’m liking the book and am anxious to read more! =^.^=

Favorite Quotes:

“Just saw no to drugs, will ya, kid?” – page 3

“Hey, princess of Popsicles! Queen of curlicue cones.” – page 90

“You’re too embarrassed to say it? Sex. Go ahead, give it a go. Sexsexsex.” – page 104

“You’re a walking contradiction. Horns and a halo. I don’t believe it.” – page 106

“What did he think she might force him to do-sing hymns with us?” – page 110


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  1. I love how your travel plans surrounds the cat. 🙂