Silver Playlist – A Guest Post by Talia Vance

We are thrilled to be participating in the Silver Blog Tour hosted by Two Chicks on Books! Today Talia Vance has agreed to share with us, and all of you, her playlist for Silver, her wonderful debut novel. All songs are linked to their Youtube music video so that you can rock out while you read! =^.^= Thank you Talia and Two Chicks on Books for letting us felines participate in this event. Murr!



Music is a huge part of my writing process.  Every book starts with a playlist.  I try to pick songs that relate to mood, setting, character, tone, themes and storylines within the novel.  The list will sometimes change as I write a first draft, and occasionally a new song will sneak in during revisions, because it evokes something that perfectly exemplifies what I am trying to do with the story.

Barring some technical difficulty, I always listen to my playlist while planning, writing or revising a manuscript.  Most of the time, I’m barely aware of the music while I’m writing, but other times, I will stop and listen to a particular song when I need to evoke a certain feeling or tone in a scene.

So without further ado- the SILVER playlist!

My Best Theory  Jimmy Eat World 

This is Brianna’s song all the way.  I love the way it evokes the scientific theories Brianna uses as a way to explain what is happening to her.  Brianna is always looking for answers outside herself, but slowly realizes that the answers are all within.  She is the only one who can decide how to use her power, and what is worth fighting for.  This song is really a song for the end of the book.  It’s a song of empowerment.  I imagine it would play over the credits if Silver were a movie.

All These Things I’ve Done  The Killers

This one is for Austin.  It has a bit of arrogance and foreboding to it.  Ultimately, it’s about getting what you want and winning at all costs.  I imagine it playing during the scenes with Austin at the barn.

Simple Math   Manchester Orchestra

The first time I heard this song I freaked out a little.  It was just before a big revision, and I thought it summed up Brianna’s self-doubt and fear about how her relationship with Blake might end.  And it used the perfect metaphor- math and logic.  I love that the song questions everything, just as Brianna must.  And the tone of the song is just right, dark and haunting.  I immediately added it to my playlist.

Everything’s Magic   Angels & Airwaves

This is Blake and Brianna’s make out song.  It’s upbeat, sexy and romantic.  I love the double meaning of the title words: everything’s magic.  So much of Blake and Brianna’s relationship is driven by the magic bond that draws them together.  I think they both struggle a little with how much of the magic is real emotion versus the spell that binds them together.

About a Girl   The Academy Is

This song is for Blake.  Especially during the first half of the book.  He is so conflicted about Brianna.  He doesn’t want to like her, but he does.  A lot.  Still, he’s not sure he can trust her.  And he’s going to have to kill her.  But I think he protests too much.

Ordinary World   Duran Duran

This song really evokes the feelings surrounding Brianna’s efforts to deal with finding out she’s the descendant of a goddess, and having her soul bound to her mortal enemy.  There is a mourning quality to this song, even though the song is about moving on.  It perfectly evokes the sadness that underlies Blake and Brianna’s relationship- the fear that one of them will have to kill the other, and that they can never truly be together, despite the fact that their souls are intimately connected. Ultimately, Brianna needs to find her way back to a normal life.

Don’t Stop  Inner Party System

This song has such arrogance and power behind it.  It could only belong to one character.  I’ll let you do the math.

Everlong   Foo Fighters

This darkly romantic song is a good fit for Blake and Brianna’s relationship.  It has a haunting guitar riff and smooth vocals that make me swoon every time.   The lyrics capture that euphoric stage of falling in love, but there’s a looming darkness behind it- the fear that it can’t last.

Spotlight  MuteMath

I always imagine this song playing when Brianna goes to school without her bracelet.  The song starts just as Brianna torches that truck.  It’s the first time that Brianna embraces her power and maybe even enjoys it a little.

Here is Gone   The Goo Goo Dolls

This is Blake’s song.  It’s as conflicted as he is.  On the surface it’s a song about a lack of trust, about giving up, but I don’t believe that for a minute.  The song is romantic as hell.

Crossfire   Brandon Flowers

Brianna and Blake are quite literally caught in the crossfire between the bandia and the Sons.  This song always reminds me of the poker scene at Hunters.  Brianna and Blake want to fight together, and really, at this point they just want to be together, but no one else is going to let that happen.

What I’ve Done  Linkin Park

This is the song that plays during the climactic scenes on the beach.  It’s big and cinematic.  It’s an introspective song with a big powerful chorus that walks the line between destruction and healing, violence and redemption.  I still can’t read those scenes without hearing this song in my head.


So, what are your thoughts on Talia’s Silver playlist? Did you discover any new artists or songs to add to your playlist? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Also, please visit the other blogs participating in this event and be sure to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway when you do! Here’s the list of all the wonderful blogs involved:

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  1. Thanks so much for being a part of the tour Cameron! I love the post 🙂

  2. Thanks for having me Cameron! Makes me want to plug in my playlist at work 🙂

    • Thank you Talia for writing an amazing post! Lots of great music on this list to discover. Can’t wait to read the other posts that will go up during the tour. And at some point I’d like to talk with you about the setting of the book if possible. San Diego is my home city, and I’ve never left. 😀