Authors Are Rockstars Tour – Interview with Suzanne Lazear + Giveaway

We felines are thrilled to be a part of the Authors Are Rockstars Tour and are excited to share with you one of our favorite rockstar authors: Suzanne Lazear! =^.^=

Before we jump into our interview with Suzanne, please allow us a moment to explain why we feel that she is a rockstar. First off, Suzanne is a debut author. Her first book, Innocent Darkness, hit shelves on August 8, 2012 and it blends Steampunk with faeries! For this alone we felines have to give her massive purrs and tail waves because to us, the release of a first book, is a big deal. It takes a lot of courage to put your first novel out there and we applaud those folks who bravely do this. Secondly, Suzanne is one of the most gracious authors we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and talk with. She’s also one of those authors who cheers everyone on. Whenever an author of her acquaintance releases a book, Suzanne is there firing her “cupcake cannon” in congratulations on Twitter. And may we add that we absolutely adore her wardrobe! This woman knows how to wear Steampunk fashion. Murr!

About Suzanne: Suzanne Lazear’s Young Adult Steampunk dark fairytale INNOCENT DARKNESS, Book 1 of the Aether Chronicles, will be released from Flux in 2012. She always plays with swords, is never described as normal, and has been known to run with bustles. Suzanne lives in Los Angeles with her daughter, the hubby,and a hermit crab, where she’s currently attempting to make a raygun to match her ballgown. Visit her other blog at and her website

Now, without further ado on to the interview!


Welcome Suzanne!

So we felines were wondering, what has been the most exciting thing you have done this year in preparation for the release of your debut novel?

S.L. – I have to say being brought out to Book Expo America to do an ARC signing was the most exciting thing I’ve done so far. I’d never been to New York before.

Who were your favorite authors growing up? Favorite book?

S.L. – I loved the Baby Sitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins. I’m also a big fan of children’s classics, like The Secret Garden and A Little Princess. My favorites are Little Women and Little Men.

Would you please describe for us your writing style for us.

S.L. – I’m a puzzler, it’s a combination of a pantser and a plotter. I’ll know certain things that I’m going to hit in the story, but not always how I’ll get from point A to point B.

When you develop your characters, do you model them off of people in your life or do they sort of create themselves?

S.L. – Generally, my characters create themselves. I don’t know anyone like Kevighn!

What is your favorite scene in Innocent Darkness? Which was your most difficult scene to write and why?

S.L. – (Spoiler) As sad as it was to write, the scene where the faery dies in Noli’s hands was not only one of my favorites, but one of the earliest scenes I came up with. The water-boarding scene was one of the toughest.

What do you hope readers will take away from reading Innocent Darkness?

S.L. – Be careful what you wish for.

For those who have not yet read Innocent Darkness, could you tell our readers a bit about it?

S.L – INNOCENT DARKNESS “fairytale steampunk.” It’s a tale of wishes, bad bargains, flying cars, evil queens, huntsman, sacrifice, and most of all, love.

Would you ever like to see your book turned into a graphic novel?

S.L. – Yes! I think that would be awesome.

Could you describe Steampunk for those who may not be familiar with it?

S.L – Steampunk is the intersection of Victorian romanticism and modern technology. It’s the future as imagined by the past.

Do you have any favorite Steampunk authors?

S.L. – I am a huge fan of Gail Carriger, Kady Cross, Kate Locke, and Karina Cooper.

What are some of the must have Steampunk fashion items in your wardrobe?

S.L. – Hats and boots.  I love my hats and boots.

Who are some of your favorite Steampunk Designers?

S.L. – I could spend all my money at

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

S.L. – Thank you so much for having me on!

Thank you so much for joining us! Please know that you are always welcome here at What the Cat Read. ~purrs~


Now for the giveaway!!

Suzanne has kindly offered to giveaway a keychain for this event! Simply fill out the form below to enter. =^.^=

And the winner is…Tiffany Mahaffy! Congrats Tiffany!! Be on the look out for an email from us soon. Murr!



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  1. Innocent Darkness sounds really cool! And I love that the takeaway is “Be careful what you wish for.” Truth. What a fantastic interview! I loved getting to know a little bit more about the author and even the spoiler-y bit about Innocent Darkness. Am going to be checking this book out now!

    Thanks for sharing your love for this author and for being a part of the tour! You are awesome! 🙂

  2. Great interview, Cameron. I’m so excited to read Innocent Darkness!! 🙂

    It’s so awesome that you’re a part of tour!

  3. Great interview, thank you for the giveaway!