The Dex-Files Tour: Guest Post by Karina Halle

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Today we are pleased to have Karina Halle, author of the Experiment in Terror series, joining us with a special guest post! Now, we felines could sit here and prolong the unveiling of this, but we know most of you would probably strangle us if we did, so we won’t keep you in suspense for too long. But first, we’d like to thank Karina for taking time out of her busy schedule to write this wonderful post for us, and we’d also like to thank Emmy at Sinfully Delicious Book Reviews for hosting this tour which made this post possible. As a side note, we’d love to give you pictures of each of the places listed, but upon trying to format this post, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. So, sorry everyone, you are on your own in the research department. We felines have been creeped out enough today! And with that being said, on to the guest post!! =^.^=


Top Five Haunted Places that the Experiment in Terror Show Should Go

The world is full of haunted, piss your pants, scream until you barf, places, so there are endless travel destinations for our favorite ghost-hunting duo, Perry Palomino and Dex Foray. Now, if only Shownet had oodles of cash on hand so they could send the ghost hunters to these awesomely haunted locales. Alas, they don’t. But it would be cooler if they did.

The Stanley Hotel

Guys, it’s the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining. That book was responsible for getting me into the horror genre and causing me great emotional turmoil (and its claustrophobia inspired Dead Sky Morning…which is also an actually haunted location). This hotel in Estes Park Colorado conjures up giggling children in the hallways and music floating in from an empty ballroom. I wouldn’t be surprised if a rotting naked woman gets out of the bathtub too *shudders* oh, Jimmy, send them here!

The Skirrid Inn

Another hotel! You’d think after The Benson our team would have had their fill (and yes, The Benson is also reportedly haunted).  This is supposedly one of the most haunted places in all of the UK – and that says a lot considering every house and doghouse in the country seems to have a ghost. If Perry and Dex came to the Skirrid Inn, I’d see them bunking down in quaint little room together.  They’d probably see faces around the window, have glasses flying around the room, and maybe feel a noose around their neck (oooh, kinky!).

Rose Hall

OK, I’m just putting this one on the list because I’d love for Shownet to send Perry and Dex to an exotic, tropical locale like Jamaica. Can you imagine the two of them lying on in the beach next to nothing during the day and then battling the “White Witch” of the resort at night? I mean, whoa, get a load of Annie Palmer. This diminutive little woman ruled the Hall along with her husband and she picked up a bad habit of sleeping with her slaves and then murdering them.  To make matters worse, she got all wrapped up in Voodoo and pretty soon she was the powerful White Witch, boiling up infants as human sacrifices. Luckily the Voodoo Overseer managed to kill the bitch and she roams the grounds to this day…well maybe that’s not so lucky.


This ruined city in Rajastan seems awesome and oh, so cinematic. Crap, it really makes you wish the Experiment in Terror Show could go on forever (and that Shownet would start shelling out the big bucks for them). Perry and Dex take India! And film this dry, crumbling city and its ghostly inhabitants. First though, they have to convince local police to let them film at night – no one is allowed within the city walls after sunset. But if they do manage to get in (bribes, perhaps, or maybe Perry will flash her boobs), the duo will encounter a princess proficient in the occult and a city that still lives with an ancient curse.

The Myrtles Plantation

Nothing says spooky better than Louisiana. And, dude, this was featured on Unsolved Mysteries which is one of my most favorite shows ever growing up (RIP Robert Stack). Murders abound in this creepy plantation, where many ghosts are said to roam. Today you can do tours of the estate and stay on the plantation as a Bed and Breakfast. Um, no thanks.

The good news is, Shownet does have the budget to do an episode in Louisiana, especially if they have a certain Cajun, ginger-haired tour guide at their disposal. Looks like Book #7 (ahem, episode #7) is going to be very interesting (with ghosts, Voodoo and all that Southern steam).


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  1. Woohoo Myrtles Plantation!!! Great guest post! Yeah, it would be nice to read about Dex and Perry on a beach in Jamaica. *sigh* Make them go Jimmy!

  2. I’m for all of them, but especially the Stanley Hotel!