Upcoming in August 2012

=^.^=  It’s a new month which means we get to share with you what we’ve got planned for the blog!

First we’d like to apologize to you all. Last month we announced that Sara was planning on posting reviews for the first three of the summer Fierce Reads titles, but unfortunately due to our human having a sudden case of life (she really needs to stop doing this) Sara has not yet had the chance to get her posts up. Her hope is to get them too you soon though, so be on the lookout for them!

Book Blog Tours:

August 1: The Dex-Files Book Tour – Review

Every Thursday: First Grave on the Right Read-Along Questions/Answers

August 3: The Dex-Files Book Tour – Guest Post by Karina Halle

August 4: Darklands Book Tour – Review and Q&A Session with Nancy Holzner

August 5: Silver Book Tour – Review and Guest Post by Talia Vance

This tour is actually scheduled for September 5th. Our apologies for the confusion and the heart attack we accidentally gave the author.

August 7: Ashes and Wine Book Tour – Review and Q&A Session with Taryn Elliot

August 12: Moonlight Mayhem Book Tour – Guest Post by Sherry Soule

August 13: Cover Reveal for Carol Oates and the Authors Are Rockstars Tour! – Special spotlight on author Suzanne Lazear!!

August 15: Double Cover Reveal for Karice Bolton

August 18: Blood of Anteros Book Tour – Review

August 20: Cover Reveal for Alyssa Rose Ivy and Fractured Light Book Tour – Review

August 21: Blood Jewel Book Tour – Review

August 23: Cover Reveal for Nichole Chase

August 28: Serafina Book Tour Blitz


Besides those listed in the Tours section above, you can expect other reviews from us as the month goes on. We’ve got plans, oh yes, do we have plans. Murr!

Also be sure to look for our “Can’t Wait For Books” for this month and “Our Favorite Authors” spotlight posts!


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