Sara’s Review of Frost by Kate Avery Ellison

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Publisher: CreateSpace

Date Published: April 18th 2012

Series: The Frost Chronicles

Goodreads Description:

In the icy, monster-plagued world of the Frost, one wrong move and a person could end up dead—and Lia Weaver knows this better than anyone. After monsters kill her parents, she must keep the family farm running despite the freezing cold and threat of monster attacks or risk losing her siblings to reassignment by the village Elders. With dangers on all sides and failure just one wrong step away, she can’t afford to let her emotions lead her astray. So when her sister finds a fugitive bleeding to death in the forest—a young stranger named Gabe—Lia surprises herself and does the unthinkable.

She saves his life.

Giving shelter to the fugitive could get her in trouble. The Elders have always described the advanced society of people beyond the Frost, the “Farthers,” as ruthless and cruel. But Lia is startled to find that Gabe is empathetic and intelligent…and handsome. She might even be falling in love with him.

But time is running out. The monsters from the forest circle the farm at night. The village leader is starting to ask questions. Farther soldiers are searching for Gabe. Lia must locate a secret organization called the Thorns to help Gabe escape to safety, but every move she makes puts her in more danger.

Is compassion—and love—worth the risk?


This book sucked me into its storyline right from the start. Ellison has a wonderful plot, likeable characters, and strong world building skills. I must say that this was a great beginning to a new series.

The first thing I liked about the book was how fast the plot moved. There were never any lags and each point along the story path added to the one before it. As a result, this was a fast read. It seemed that no sooner had I picked it up to start reading, then I was putting it down after having come to the end. I enjoyed the mystery behind Gabe’s past, the Watchers, the Farthers, and what happened to Lia’s parents. As I read I kept waiting for Ellison to answer my questions about all of these, but she would tease with tiny bits of information here and there until finally unavailing almost everything in the final few chapters. Sadly, not all of my questions were answered, hence the “almost” in the previous sentence, but seeing as this is just the first book of the series, that is to be expected. Now the fact that I am already hinting of there being a sequel should give you a clue about how much I enjoyed this book. And before I forget, can I just say that I loved the sudden surprise twist to the end of this book! The person behind the death of Lia’s parents wasn’t who I thought it would be. I mean, I figured this character was going to be trouble shortly after I started reading, but I didn’t expect things to turn out as they did. I really do love it when an author can take me by surprise with something, murr!

Another thing that made this a great read were the characters. Lia was fun. She’s strong-willed, determined, dedicated, and just a tiny bit stubborn. Her desire to protect and care for her siblings was one of her most admirable traits. Gabe was simply mysterious. There’s much more to him than he shares with Lia in this book, I just know it. Ellison has a secret plan for him, and I think I know what it is, but I don’t want to say anything because of spoilers and for fear of being wrong. Suffice it to say, I am hoping he returns in the next book because I really liked him. Plus the relationship between him and Lia needs more of a chance to grow. They are perfect for each other! Adam was another mysterious guy. His family has ties to Lia’s, but you don’t find out what those are until towards the end of the book. I kept bouncing between trying decide whether he was a good guy or a bad guy. Want to find out which one he is? Read the book because you won’t get any spoilers from me! And finally there’s Cole. Truth be told, I rather felt sorry for him because he genuinely cares for Lia, but I can’t help but feel that he tries to hard to make his feelings known. As a result, his actions make him out to be an annoying pest. He always shows up at the worst possible moment for Lia and there were several moments where I found myself groaning when he came into a scene. Shame what happens to him in the end. ~smirks~

As for the world of Frost itself, I loved it. It had a “The Village” feel to it, and if you don’t understand my reference, I suggest you watch the movie at some point. There were so many elements in this story which reminded me of this movie, from the Farthers to the Watchers, even to Lia’s village being protected from the world outside. Ellison brought this world to life for me. True, it was not a unique idea per say, but it was still wonderful, and I feel that it will lead to a lot of surprising things in later books.

The only disappointment I had was the length. Topping in at a total 194 pages, I couldn’t believe how short the book was! It certainly explained why I wanted more at the end. It also explained why I felt like some elements were not given enough explanation or detail. Really the length is the only thing that kept me from giving this a perfecting rating, which may seem petty, but I can’t help but feel that this book need more to it.

Despite this though, I’m anxious to find out what happens next in the series. Here’s hoping book two is just as great as this one was, if not just a smidge longer in length, murr!

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  1. these words were joy to my ears ” wonderful plot, likeable characters, and strong world building” While not all of your questions were answered this sounds like a stellar start to a series, awesome review i am adding this one to my list!