Upcoming in July 2012

Hello all you wonderful readers!

Can you believe we are now officially into the last half of the year? Not only that, but we are right in the middle of summer. Hopefully all of you are finding ways to keep cool. =^.^=  So, you are probably wondering what we will be bringing you this month by way of events and such, huh? It’s definitely a busy month…here’s a sneak peek of what to expect:

Book Blog Tours:

July 2nd: Rogues Pawn – Promo Post & Review

July 9th: Lonely Souls – Review

July 16th: Dream Slayer – Character Interview & Review

July 20th: Eden’s Root – Review

July 25th: Frost – Review


As always, we will be bringing you reviews throughout the month. Our goal now is to try to do two non-related tour reviews each from here on out. ~crosses paws~ If there is a specific title that you’d like to see one of us review, please don’t hesitate to send the recommendation our way.

For Fun:

Our human was able to secure us a ticket to San Diego Comic Con! We are still in the process of trying to figure out which day to go and who shall be attending the event. Be sure to stop by middle of the month as we will provide a post write-up for which ever day we end up going.

Sara will be posting the first three books from the Fierce Reads Tour event that we attended back in June this month. Be on the look out for the following reviews, My Life Undecided, Cinder, and Of Poseidon! She’ll be posting the other three in August, so don’t worry.

Course we shall be doing our monthly “Can’t Wait For Books” and “Our Favorite Authors” posts and we’ve got a few other ideas which we are thinking of doing this month as well. And did we mention that the end of the month will be our one year anniversary? Yep, that’s right, July 29 our blog will officially be one years old!! We will be doing a special post that day which you’ll definitely want to check out. =^.^=

And there you have it, our schedule for July. We hope to see you are periodically throughout the month. Until then, happy reading everyone!


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