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Our goal with “Our Favorite Authors” is to help our followers find new authors whom they might never have tried before and also thank those authors whom have touched our lives over the years. And since there is no shortage in authors whom we love, we are positive this monthly post will be a success! 🐱

Tad Williams has held more jobs than any sane person should admit to – singing in a band, selling shoes, managing a financial institution, throwing newspapers and designing military manuals, to name just a few. He also hosted a syndicated radio show for ten years, worked in theatre and television production, taught both grade-school and college classes, and worked in multimedia for a major computer firm. He is co-founder of an interactive television company, and is currently writing comic books and film and television scripts as well. Tad and his family live in London and the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and by visiting his Author Page!

Once again this month, I’m diving back into my list of old-time favorites from when I was growing up. Williams was another author that introduced me to the world of High Fantasy. Looking at his books, I’m reminded that I need to read his stuff again sometime in the near future. The first book of his that I ever read was Tailchasers Song. Little wonder as to why. I actually picked this book up at the recommendation of a friend of my mother’s. The conversation went something like, Friend – “Your daughter likes cats, right?” Mom – “Yes.” Friend – “Has she read Tailchasers Song? It’s entirely about cats.” Me – “Can we buy it now mom?” I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I am so easily sold on any story that happens to have a cat(s) as the primary character(s). Either way, I bought this book within a month of it being recommended to me, and let me just say that I loved it! Though I don’t remember the particulars of the story, I do recall that I read it several times one year. Yep, I’m definitely going have to add this to the reading pile for a reread.

Another book of his that I read was The Dragonbone Chair. Actually I read the entire trilogy. Once again, I don’t remember much about the novels themselves as I read them a long time ago, but I do remember that this was a series of books that a teacher of mine lent me. There’s nothing like showing up to class and having your teacher hand you a stack of books to read, with the promise that you enjoy the reading and return them whenever, or not. Actually, I did return the set…about a month later, after I had devoured each one. I think I took my teacher by surprise with how quickly I read through them. He even quizzed me just to make sure I wasn’t lying. It was rather amusing.

There is one series of his that I’ve been meaning to check out, but just haven’t had the time to do so, and that is his Otherland novels. I don’t know much about the series, but I’ve heard some good things about it from fellow book lovers. If it’s anything like his other books, then I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. ;D  If you, dear reader, have read this set of books, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about them with me.

In fact, now that I think about it, out of all of Williams’s books, which was your favorite and why? Share your thoughts with the felines and myself in the comments below!


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