Armchair BEA – Beyond Your Blog

Design credit goes to Nina of Nina Reads

Today’s blogging topic asks participants to answer the following questions: Has blogging opened up opportunities for you beyond getting free, advance copies of new books? Has it helped you get offers to write or review elsewhere (maybe even for pay)? Have you gotten invites to special events or places you might not have been to otherwise?

Well, because we are new to the blogging scene, we’ve not had a lot of opportunities to go “beyond” our blog, though we hope to in the near future. =^.^=  Our human, however, has had a few doors open up for her. Back in February she began working as an intern for Entangled Publishing. She’s been enjoying every minute of it and we couldn’t be more proud of her! She also has another project with a different small press firm in the works, but at the present moment she’s keeping quiet about it until everything is finalized. Even we felines are unsure exactly what she’s up to. It’s a mystery and our curiosity is definitely running high.

Of the things we would like to do, we’d love to be able to beta read for authors, write guest posts for other bloggers, and possibly even guest write for magazines, websites, etc. Just because we are of the four-legged and furry purrr-suasion doesn’t mean we can’t do the work. =~.^=

And yes, like a lot of bloggers, we would love it if our blog brought in money for us some day, but at the moment our main goal is to share our love of books with readers. If even just one visitor were to find a new book or author that they fall in love with thanks to our writing, we consider it a win!

So, since we can’t really share ways in which we write outside of our blog, we’ve decided to share a fun aspect about our blog. Did you know that when we were planning out or rating system, we never once considered what we would do if we came across a book we wanted to give a half star too? Yep, we completely spaced on the possibility of a half rating!

When our human approached us about starting up a blog, we easily came up with a theme and knew roughly what each of us would be reviewing, but we didn’t have a clue on how to rate everything. We entertained the idea of using mice or balls of yarn, but neither image really worked for us. After all, we are too old to play with yarn balls nowadays and mice, while being tasty treats, seemed too cartoonish. So Cameron suggested paw prints since it would be our paws holding the pages of the books we would be reading. It’s also how we go about signing documents, letters, etc.

Once we got the image, we then had to figure out what each paw would stand for. The one paw rating was easy to come up with as was the five paw. But paws two-four were challenging. We didn’t want them to sound alike or convey the wrong message. There were probably a total of 6 paw drafts with various actions listed. In the end it took us a full month to get the rating system ironed out amidst much disagreement and hissing.

Not once during the entire planning stage did anyone think about half ratings. So when Sara was writing up her review for Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton, she didn’t know how to rate it because on the one paw she loved the book, but on the other paw she had a few small problems with it. It was a borderline novel and she didn’t know what to do.

Thus the “tail wave” of approval was born. Whenever we come across a book that we feel could go either way on our rating scale, we use this to show our general appreciation of the story.  Admittedly we try to use the “tail wave” sparingly, but every now and then we have to pull it out when we can’t decide what to give a book.

So there’s one of our little secrets about the blog. We realize it’s not much, but we aren’t allowed to talk about the bigger secrets on penalty of losing kibble snacks and catnip. Sigh


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  1. Fun rating system, very unique!

  2. Ha! I’m really amused by your paw and tail wave rating system. Very unique indeed!

    Great post! Here’s my Armchair BEA Beyond the Blog post.

  3. If you lose out on the snacks, you should go on strike. Don’t take that crap from humanoids. You have a right to daily breaks with snacks. All kitting aside, this post was so well written it should get the post of the week award.

    • We’ve thought of going on strike. Sara’s threatened it a time or two after our human scheduled her for a bunch of reviews within the same week. We never seem to manage it though. Too many wonderful incentives to keep going. =^.^= And thank you very much for your comment regarding our post. We’ve read some really great ones the past week that make ours pale in comparison though. Everyone has such wonderful stories to share!