Author Interview – Heather Dearly

We’d like to welcome Heather Dearly, author of The Bone Flower, a short story which appears in the YA anthology Prom Dates to Die For (You can read Sara’s review which will be up later today. Murr!). Heather has been kind enough to stop by and visit with us cool cats. Murr! Purrs and tail waves to you Heather and we are pleased to have you.

HD: I am pleased to be in the company of such cool, literate cats. Thank you for having me.

WtCR: So Heather, before we get into asking specific questions, why don’t you tell our readers a bit about yourself. What sorts of things do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any favorite foods/drinks? Favorite movie/TV show, books? Etc.

HD: I’m not terribly familiar with the concept of free time. As a busy mom, I make (or steal) time for what I want to do, and for all the things that need to be done. I do enjoy film, television, and books (obviously), and while there are far too many to choose from to mention them all here, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries top my viewing list. I enjoy reading a variety of authors and genres, but I’m partial to Paranormal YA fiction. In regard to favorite things to stuff in my pie hole, well, I like pie. And coffee.

WtCR: We’re starting to notice a few trends amongst those we’ve asked this question of. Free time is hard to come by and coffee seems to be a popular choice in drinks. Even our human likes it. Willow tried it once on a dare and said it was rather tasty, but not nearly as good as catnip. Unfortunately five minutes later she was bouncing off the walls. It was rather a sad sight to see.

But enough about Willow’s crazy antics, let’s talk about your short story, The Bone Flower, which is in Prom Dates to Die For. Where did you get the idea for your short story and how did you come up with the title?

HD: I can’t explain how I get my ideas. By the time I reach the end, concepts have arrived by too many different angles to categorize, but I can say the idea for my title was a lucky find. (I have good Google karma.) According to Wikipedia, the tuberose was referred to as the bone flower by the Aztecs.

WtCR: Wow, you really do have good Google karma. It never would occur to any of us felines to look up small details like that. Who would have thought the tuberose had such an interesting fact related to a historic group of people?

So after reading The Bone Flower, Sara was wondering if there any chance that you may someday turn your short story into a full novel?

HD: The Bone Flower is a stand alone. I do not have any plans to expand this story into a novel.

WtCR: Aww, sorry Sara.

Sara: It’s okay. I figured it was worth asking since I really liked the story idea. Murr!

WtCR: True, it never hurts to ask. 🐱 And since this is a Q&A, we’d like to ask what projects do you have planned next?

HD: I am currently working on a short story for a fall YA anthology, but I’ll be focusing on completing a novel length YA project once my other obligations have been met.

WtCR: We’ll have to make sure we visit your webpage Truly, Madly, Dearly in order to catch updates on when these projects are completed so that Sara can then check them out.

And speaking your webpage, as Sara was visiting she noticed that you write for a blog called Book End Babes the first Monday of every month. Could you tell us more about this blog?

HD: Book End Babes is really more of a book recommendation site than a book review site. The posts vary depending on the Bookette or Book Dude writing them. I do not consider myself a reviewer, but I do like to share book love for titles I’ve enjoyed reading. And I love being a part of the BEB group, because I think it’s important to bring attention to good books.

WtCR: We agree with you completely! That’s one of the reasons we decided to start blogging. Unfortunately, there aren’t a great many felines who are skilled in literacy, but at least we have a wide human following who doesn’t seem to mind reading our opinions. Now if we can just get feline readership up, we’d be set!

That aside, we’d like to go back to a few general questions that we liked to ask authors because we are always curious about how each author came into the profession and how they go about the process. So if we may, what attracted you to writing?

HD: My mother taught me to read and write at an early age (I can’t remember a time I wasn’t journaling, writing poetry, or something), so my attraction to writing feels more innate than revelatory.

WtCR: Would you care to share with us a few of your writing habits?

HD: My writing habits are evolving, maturing. I’ve spent (wasted) a lot of time on frustration and impatience with my process, but I’m learning to be kinder to myself and the work.

WtCR: What obstacles have you encountered as a writer, writer’s block, etc., and how do you overcome them?

HD: My greatest obstacle with writing has been not finishing my work. I’m more of a pantser than a plotter, so if I don’t write every day, I lose momentum and the desire to see what leads characters to the end. Deadlines are a great motivator to keep writing, so I highly recommend them. In a nutshell, discipline is key.

WtCR: We’ve got a love/hate relationship with deadlines. Most of the time we are spot on with them, but sometimes when they are not as urgent, we forget and the plan falls through. Guess we need to work more on our discipline, huh?

So, is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers before we bring this interview to a close?

HD: Final thoughts? Eat your vegetables. Seriously. They help you live longer, which leads to more years of reading great books.

WtCR: That’s actually rather good advice! ~starts to wonder if their kibble as any vegetables in it~

Well Heather, it’s been wonderful having you here. Perhaps when you finish your next writing project we can have you back as a guest writer. 🐱

If you’d like to learn more about Heather and her writing, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and her webpage! And be sure to check out Prom Dates to Die For available now through Amazon & Barnes & Noble!


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