Sara Reviews the Destiny Saga by Heather M. White

This review post is going to be a bit different as I will be reviewing two books instead of just one! As part of the Destiny Tour being hosted by SupaGurl Books, I will be sharing my thoughts on Heather M. White’s, When Destiny Knocks, and her soon to be released sequel, When Destiny Strikes. So, without further ado, let’s get to the reviews! Murr!

Goodreads Description: 16 year old Karlie has had a pretty normal life… But when her Mom dies she is forced to move over 1,000 miles away to live with her Dad. That’s when things start getting weird.

She can’t explain the earthquakes that nobody else feels, or why she no longer sleeps. But most of all she doesn’t know why she trusts Shane so much, even though his Dad wants her dead.

Suddenly, Karlie’s normal life is turned upside down and she enters a world she never dreamed could really exist.


This is a hard book for me to review and even now as I write this I’m still not entirely sure what my paw rating is really going to be. On the one paw, I felt that the story idea was awesome and I enjoyed the characters immensely. Also, this was a fast read full of non-stop action. But on the other paw, I couldn’t get past the errors in editing, or lack there of, and the instantaneous attraction between Karlie, Shane, and Alex. It wasn’t exactly a love triangle, but it was close enough to have me shaking my head. I’ll admit, I’m tired of the insta-love books. So as I said, I’m struggling with this one because I want to be fair, but I also want to be honest.

I liked White’s story concept. One girl destined to save the world from all dark paranormal creatures must learn to find a balance between the life she knows and the life she must learn to accept. Yeah, okay, there was a moment where I found myself remembering Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but White really did do a good job at taking that idea and giving it a new twist. I also liked how the story kept moving. There were no massively slow moments. As I said, it was non-stop action. Just when you think Karlie has a chance to breath, she’s stuck having to fight again. You really can’t afford to skip ahead with this book.

But unfortunately the problems with the editing was a real show stopper for me. There are too many tense changes for this feline to be comfortable giving it more than a two paw rating. Karlie would consistently switch back and forth between tenses within the same paragraph. Now if this had been scattered here and there throughout the book, I’d have not had a problem. But this was every page! It got to a point where I almost didn’t want to finish the book. Sigh

So in all fairness, I have to give this book two paws and a tail wave for effort.

Goodreads Description: Now that Karlie has received her full powers, things are going to be great… right?

Karlie’s number one priority is to kill Serenity – after all she deserves it for trying to kill Alex. Though it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Serenity teams up with demons to create an army to destroy Karlie.

On top of that, there are a ton of zombies, everywhere… And a new angel in town, who seems more like a demon… And of course, a shape shifter dragon! It’s all weird, even for Karlie.

With friends turning against friends, it seems as though her life got a whole lot more complicated.


After having read the first book of the series, I went into this one with a great deal of trepidation. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this book was much more enjoyable than the first one. Gone were the continual errors in editing! Murr! Plus White decided to tell parts of the story from the perspectives of Shane and Alex. It’s always nice to see an author allow other characters to have a voice from time to time and share their views on the subject.

This book starts off right where the first one left off. There were plenty of surprises and unexpected twists that kept me reading, even though the story wasn’t much different from the first book. It’s still non-stop action from start to finish. And when I say that there are surprises, the end of the book is the biggest surprise of all, because when the epic fight is over and the dust has settled, it’s not the happiest of endings.

I’m curious to see what will happen in the third book of this series. The Destiny Saga really is a diamond in the rough that I think will continue to get better with each book. At the very least, it’s a fast, easy read after a long day chasing mice and avoiding the neighborhood dogs. Murr!

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