A Grand Murder Virtual Tour: Guest Post by Stacy Verdick Case

I wish to thank the folks at Partners in Crime Tours for allowing me to participate in this tour and I especially wish to thank Stacy Verdick Case for the special Guest Post here on the blog! Purrs and tail waves to all of you as the felines would say. If you wish to read our review of the audio version of this book, please visit HERE! And now, on to the guest post. 🐱


It Must Be Released On Audio!

The day, A Grand Murder, was released as an audio book was more important for me than the day I held the first copy of the paperback. This probably sounds very strange, but I have a valid reason.

I’ve told the story on my blog of how a teacher once told my Mom that I would never learn to read beyond a third-grade reading level. I remember looking at my Mom, and asking if I was stupid.  She asked me if I wanted to be. Of course, I said “no” and she said, “Then you won’t be.”

We worked an entire summer on my reading, and by the time I went back to school in the fall my reading had improved by two grade levels. If she hadn’t spent so much time working with me who knows where I would be right now.

My Mother is an avid reader, and she passed the love of reading, as well as the ability, on to me.  So I became a writer. Essentially, I write for my Mom.  She is my hero. She’s also my ideal reader as Stephen King would say.

Life is funny and sometimes so cruel. A few years before the release of A Grand Murder my Mom, my ideal reader, was diagnosed with macular degeneration. An eye disease that progressed rapidly. My ideal reader could no longer comfortably read printed books. Losing her vision did not diminish her love of a good story. She eagerly devours audio books with the same zeal she had for printed books.

When A Grand Murder was released, and started to sell well, I asked for an audio book copy to be produced.  I wanted my Mom, and the 1.8 million others in the U.S. alone like her, to be able enjoy my books.

Audiobooks are expensive to create, and initially I was told no. Now, those who know me will tell you, I don’t accept the word “no” easily. This time I just couldn’t accept it, so I lobbied hard.

You know the results of my campaign. I am so grateful to, What the Cat Read, for reviewing the audio copy, and for letting me tell my story. I think every book should be on audio so that people with vision problems, reading difficulties, or just a long commutes can enjoy any book they want. Even one by a midlist author most people have never even heard of before.


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