Flower Trilogy by Lauren Royal – New Covers Reveal

Last month we did our first ever “Our Favorite Authors” post where we highlighted the wonderful Lauren Royal. Today we are pleased to bring you the brand new covers for her second series of books The Flower Trilogy!

Lauren is hoping to have the first book of the series, Violet, available as an Ebook in May, with the other two following soon thereafter. We felines truly are honored to be able to bring this post to you and we wish to give special purrs and tail waves to Lauren for allowing us to do so!

So are you ready to see the brand new covers? Here we go!

“Question convention.” It’s the Ashcroft family motto—and it’s something eldest daughter, Violet, has been doing a lot of lately. For starters, she’s decided not to get married—she’d much rather be improving her mind than losing her heart. Especially since most suitors would surely have their eyes on her considerable inheritance or on her ravishing younger sisters—not on her plain face.

Violet is convinced her very eligible neighbor, Ford Chase, is no exception. He’s handsome, intelligent, even a little bit eccentric—his obsessions with astronomy and constructing a watch are most puzzling indeed! Violet can’t deny she’s intrigued. But could he ever really—sincerely—be interested in a woman as serious and self-conscious as she?

Lily Ashcroft has never understood the need for her rather eccentric family’s motto: Question Convention. In fact, at the tender age of sixteen, Lily took one look at Lord Randal Nesbitt and wished for a most traditional institution—marriage. But now her older sister Rose has her sights set on the dashing scholar, and known for always doing the right thing, Lily puts her own longings aside to help Rose in her quest to land him.

What no one counts on are Rand’s feelings. Though he hasn’t seen Lily in four years, he’s never forgotten her fresh and innocent beauty. Falling victim to both desire and love, Rand begins to contemplate matrimony. But now he finds himself caught in a thorny position between two lovely sisters—the one he’s expected to wed, and the one he truly wants.…

The last of the lovely Ashcroft sisters to find a husband, Rose is fast approaching spinsterhood at the age of twenty-one. But the intelligent beauty is determined to make her way down the aisle—with no less than a nobleman—even if it means hiding her brains, her hopes, and her dreams.

There is someone, however, to whom Rose can reveal everything. He is Christopher Kit Martyn, a handsome and determined man set on landing the post of official Royal Architect. Kit is no stranger to female attention, and though a commoner, he does not hesitate to pursue the out-of-reach Rose despite her inability to see him as a husband. Somehow he must convince her that a title is worth little in the presence of a noble and passionate heart.…

Lovely, huh? We’ll admit that Rose is our favorite out of the three, though the other two are just as equally awesome. So what are your thoughts on the brand new covers? Which one speaks to you the most? Share your thoughts with us. 🐱


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  1. Hugs to my favorite cats (besides my own, that is)! ROSE is my favorite of the three, too!