Upcoming in March 2012

Um, when did it become March? ~looks around questioningly~ Okay, well this month sprung up fast. Hopefully it won’t suddenly turn into April, especially since we’ve got a number of things happening this month on the blog! Ready for the line up of events? Here we go…

Book Blog Tours:

March 9: Elemental Mysteries Blog Tour where Willow will review A Hidden Fire (book 1) by Elizabeth Hunter. 🐱

March 12: Blind Sight Blog Tour where Sara will review both books and decide once and for all whether we are team Aniela or team Leocardo! Or are we team both? Murr!

March 29: A Grand Mystery Blog Tour where we will be hosting a guest post by Stacy Verdick Case and Willow will review the book. Heeheehee

For Fun:

In honor of the release of the movie The Hunger Games this month, March 18-24 will be Hunger Games week! Sara will post her reviews on all three books of the series, our human will hopefully be able to smuggle one of us in with her to see the movie so we can review it (either that or she’ll have to take extensive notes), and we’ll toss-up a few fun posts related to the movie too! It should be an exciting week and we hope you all will join us for it!


~felines glare silently at human as ears flatten~ Ah, Cameron here. So yeah, for all that the reviews have been written…I’ve been dropping the ball when it comes to posting them. I’m sorry folks. There’s really no excuse beyond life getting in the way. I know that if the cats can find the time to do the reading/general writing, I should be able to find the time to edit their stuff and post it up here. I promise I will do better the rest of this year! Now girls, can I please have my favorite pair of boots back? Please?!! ~soft hissing can be heard in the background~ Sigh…

Cover Reveals:

We’ll continue to post them as we hear about them and get approval! Be sure to stop by tomorrow when we post the newest cover for Lauren Royal’s Violet!

Also be on the look out for this month’s Can’t Wait for Books of 2012 and Our Favorite Authors!

And there you have it. It’s promising to be a fun month. You definitely will not want to miss out! Murr!! 🐱


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