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Welcome everyone to our page! We are so excited to be participating in the Forsaken Harbor Tour. Murr! Today we will be interviewing Gage, Summer’s boyfriend and a Lieutenant in the Canadian Federation. We will also be hosting a special giveaway for a copy of both Forsaken Harbor and Phantom Universe at the end, so be sure to stick around and enter!


Before we begin the interview Gage, I would like to welcome and thank you for taking the time to speak with us here on What the Cat Read. I know how chaotic things have been for you lately, so I promise not to take up too much of your time.

We all know you as Lieutenant Gage Appleton, but your fans would like to know the young man behind the title. Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you like to do for fun? Who are you really?

When I was younger, my parents sat me down and asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. The first thing that came to mind was a soldier. I was only eight; I didn’t understand what it meant to be a Leaguer. However, my parents tried to explain it to me, and they supported me in my decision to become a Lifer with the Canadian League. The more in depth I got into the program, the more my parents withdrew from the norms of society. They taught me to live life outside of being a Leaguer. Most of those I trained with were so serious about their position, so I didn’t exactly get along with many. It wasn’t until I turned sixteen that I found true friendship with those who were required to join the program. I was younger than the recruits coming in, but I trained many. A select few I became immediate friends with, one of those being Cameron.As a child I never really had time to truly enjoy what life had to offer. Before the Exodus, my friends and I would go out to eat together, go to parties, and travel together while working with the Canadian League. After I found Summer, my whole life has changed. Those things that I once thought were important are now trivial.When you ask who I am really, I’m not sure how to answer that. I would like to think my actions show my character, but perhaps I don’t always make the best decisions or always say the right thing, but I try. That counts, right?

Most definitely! And you are right, a lot of who you are is shown through your actions. You genuinely care for Summer and your friends, you are extremely brave, and very loyal. Those are just some of the reasons your fans love you so much!

So tell us, what were your thoughts/feelings when you first saw Summer that night on the beach in California Province?

When it happened, everything seemed to be in fast forward, but when I remember that first day I can recall every detail with perfect clarity. This dark-haired girl came running at us. She looked so desperate, though I couldn’t understand why. I pulled my weapon, thinking another Outlander had become unruly. Instead, I was led to a tiny blonde girl lying limp in the sand under a palm tree. I didn’t even think as I sank down next to her and commanded the other Leaguers to help me. When Summer opened her eyes and gazed at me as if I were an angel, she had me. Perhaps part of it was me wanting to be her hero, but at the time all I could think about was how did this girl end up here like this? Then Jaden, the dark-haired girl, told us Summer’s story. From then on I felt this overwhelming desire to protect Summer from ever enduring anything like that again. And the moment she showed me the tiniest bit of trust, I knew she deserved better than the Outlander camps. To be honest, I wasn’t the only one in our group that fell for Summer, albeit in different ways. She had a profound effect on many of us, and as her story spreads, more and more people are falling for her.

Awww, sounds like a case of love at first sight! Maybe that can explain our next question for you. Before Summer found her voice, she would communicate by writing in your palm. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is curious to know how it is you were able to understand her. Care to share your secret?

As a child, my mom would write sweet things across my back with her finger when I had a bad day. I’d try to decipher what she wrote, which would turn into laughing and her trying to come up with new and ridiculous things. It’s cheesy and silly, but there it is. Summer writing in my palm brought me back to those times as a child, and I had no problems understanding her.

~stares open mouthed in surprise while eyes get a bit teary~ Wow, that was unexpected. I think a few hearts fell further in love with you over that answer. Talk about a sweet childhood memory!

Since we are talking about your past, why don’t you tell us about your experience in the Canadian Federation. Do you see yourself returning to duty after the battle against the Secret Clock Society is over?

Honestly, I like being a Leaguer. I’ve helped many people and enjoy seeing other’s reactions and proud faces when I pass them in my uniform. Is the government going too far with the camps? Absolutely! But the government wasn’t always like this. I think a mix between fear and the Society’s influence has made the Federation act rashly. Maybe one day I will return, but that all depends on the outcome of unknown future events.

Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that the future holds nothing but good things for everyone. I think we speak for all your fans when we say, please stay safe. And if it is possible, bring everyone back safely, not just yourself. Summer and her friends have come to mean a lot to a great many folks out there. It would be sad if anything were to have to anyone on the team.

And speaking of the team, besides Landon, Summer seems to have a number of friends willing to join in the fight to stop the Society. What are your thoughts about everyone in this small army of yours?

They’re goofy, young, and they love Summer. There is no way I couldn’t appreciate them, even if the only thing they offer is comedic relief. Each and every one of them has played a role at one time or another to help Summer. They may not be trained Leaguers like Cameron and myself, but they’ve proven themselves in my eyes–and Cameron’s.

Nice to see that there’s no real animosity between anyone! Though I might disagree just a bit and say that they provide more than just comedic relief. I’m sure each one will prove valuable to the group as your journey continues.

So let’s get serious a moment. Do you honestly feel that you can stop the Secret Clock Society?

I don’t think I can. I do, however, think Summer can. If she lets Greenhorn help her, I believe they can be stopped, or at the very least regulated. Now that we’re all together again, I think our odds of stopping the Society has grown. Once the world sees what they’ve been doing on Forsaken Harbor, it will be easier to sway those who aren’t sure what their stance is on the subject.

Let’s hope so. We are against the Society completely, so please know that if there is anything we can do to help you out, you need only ask! Murr!

~pauses a moment to listen to whisperings in the background.~ Whispers back: I really don’t think we should bring that up…~listens some more~…Alright I’ll ask.

Forgive me Gage, but a few of your fans are curious. Given Summer’s brutal past, it’s understandable that folks want to protect her from more pain and heartache, but do you think it’s possible everyone is going a bit too far? After all, that which doesn’t break a person only makes them stronger, and Summer seems like a very strong young woman when all is said and done.

Of course we all go a bit overboard, it’s true. But you have to understand that none of us can help it, really. For the first time in twelve years she isn’t a slave, she isn’t being beaten, and she’s finally talking. All the Society wants to do is put her back in a very similar situation. After the transformation we’ve all seen her make, none of us want her to have to see such a cruel world again. So, yes, we become excessive and obsessive over it, but we mean well.

Of course you do. Please forgive us for implying otherwise. ~mutters softly~ Though we don’t think it’s just the Society who would like to put her into a similar situation.

~clears throat~ Let’s take a moment to talk about your rival shall we? From the moment Julian showed up, there’s been tension between you two. Do you really see him as a threat to Summer’s safety, or could it be that you are afraid he will come between your relationship with her?

I don’t trust Julian. Maybe some of that is due to jealousy: I’m not infalable. Summer is just now learning how to trust people again, and I don’t know if she fully has ability to decide who is trustworthy. As much as I want to protect Summer, I also can’t seem to do anything to hurt her. It’s why I’ve (mostly) let her make her own decisions when it comes to him. However, maybe there is something about Julian I can’t see due to my feelings toward Summer. Still, I have a gut feeling something is off about him, and I am determined to find out what that is. I know it will hurt Summer, if he has been playing her these whole time, but I’m afraid he’ll hurt her worse in the long run if I don’t find out what it is he’s hiding from all of us.

Well let’s hope for Summer’s sake you are wrong about him. They do say love is blind after all. Personally Julian doesn’t strike us as being a threat. We felines tend to like a bit of mystery in our men. ~purrs~

Allow us please to just as one more serious question before we end the interview with a bit of fun. You’ve broken ties with the Canadian Federation, you are on the run from the Society, the places that you thought were safe have turned out to be traps, and now you are on a journey to the one place no one in their right minds would dare go. So much has happened in the few short months that Summer’s been in your life. We have to know, if you were given the opportunity to do things differently, would you?

There are two things I regret when it comes to Summer. One: when I left her in the hospital the first time. I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to stick around. I did it because she scared me. She made me feel emotions and made me want to do things that would have gotten me into quite a bit of trouble. Later I realized it would be worth it, and I regretted walking out ever since. Two: when Summer left the safe house without me. I could have gone–I could have fought to get to her. But there was something in her eyes, in her voice, that made me let her go. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but I’d never heard Summer be so vocal. I knew then that going after Julian was important to her. I should have followed her from a distance. I should have gone after her. I would have never forgiven myself if something had happened to her.

But had you gone after her, you would then run the risk of over protecting her. As much as we’re sure you would like to be with her 24/7, sometimes you just have to let her go whether you like it or not. If you want the truth, we think you were very brave for letting her go on her own, despite the danger. You shouldn’t regret it. Instead you should be proud of her for being strong enough to go after him on her own. That took real courage for her. Murr!

Okay, time for a fun question to lighten the mood as we bring this interview to a close. If you could have any super power in the world, what would it be and why?

I’d like to be able to shape-shift into any animal whenever I wanted. What can I say? I’d love to go after some of my enemies as a giant grizzly bear. It’s hard to contain my laughter when I picture this!

And here we were hoping you would have said you’d choose to shape shift into a mountain lion or panther. What’s wrong with being a feline? Folks do say we have nine lives after all. ~sighs as whiskers droop slightly and feline fantasies are dashed~

Well, as much as I and my fellow felines would like to continue to keep you with us and out of harms way, I fear our time is up. Thank you Gage for this insightful and entertaining interview. I hope that we will be able to meet up again once things have calmed down and returned to normal.

Thanks for asking these great questions! – Gage

So there you have it folks; a brief look into the mind of our favorite Canadian. Hopefully we can have him come back some day to answer more questions. Murr!


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  2. I want to start a blog written by a fictitious character commenting on politics, current events, news etc..How?. 608208

    • Hi Mira! 🐱

      Sara here, Murr! Writing a blog from the view point of a fictitious character is actually rather easy. Decide who you want your character to be, what his/her personality is like, and start writing. The hardest part is maintaining the character’s voice the entire time. If you decide to work with multiple characters, having a different font or color of text for each helps distinguish the differences between who’s talking. Because there are three of us felines here working on reviews, we’ve each had to come up with our own way of making ourselves stand out. Willow tends to be scatter-brained and a trouble-maker, so her posts tend to ramble (a lot), Buggy is more matronly (seeing as she is the oldest) so her posts have a certain sophistication to them. I on the other hand…well being the youngest, I try to keep my energy present in my posts, plus I’ve got my signature “Murr” to help. Murr! Hope this helps you get started in creating your blog. It’s a lot of fun and well worth the time/effort. =^.^=

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