Sara’s Audiobook Review of Phantom Universe Read by Karen Savage

This review is a bit different from the ones usually done here on What the Cat Read. Instead of focusing on the actual storyline of Phantom Universe by Laura Kreitzer, I’ll be sharing my thoughts regarding the audio reading of the story instead. If you are interested in an actual review of the story, never fear, I will be posting that sometime tomorrow. Murr!

Now, if the truth is to be told, I wanted to love the audio version of this book, but sadly I found myself disappointed the longer I listened to it.

Karen Savage has a beautiful voice that is both soft and lilting in style. Because of this, while I admit that I enjoyed listening to her, there were several moments where I found myself either adjusting the volume in order to hear her better or nodding off at times. I would not recommend listening to this while driving long distance or in any areas where there is a lot of extraneous background noise. Her voice is very pleasing to the ears, but not that lends itself to audio readings.

As far as character presentation goes, there wasn’t that much distinction between them. Her reading of Jayden and Landon were by far the most unique and consistent of all the characters involved and she did a fair job when it came to providing various accents (Southern, American, etc). But, for the most part, the longer I listened the more everyone blended together and began to sound the same. There were times where I felt that Savage rushed through the reading, which reinforced the blending of unique character voices into one voice and the natural pauses that people take when talking were not consistently there in her reading thus resulting in the dialogue often curtailing into the narrative.

Overall I felt her reading was relatively flat with little to no intensity of emotion. In fact, I had gotten so use to Savage’s reading style that when she got to Summer’s nightmare, I actually jumped in surprise at the change in quality of the reading. Now perhaps some of that had to do with the rapid shift from third person to first person narrative, but some of it was the result of the reading itself. Savage did a great job of conveying the fear that comes with having a nightmare. It was by far one of the few standout moments in the entire reading.

So when all is said and done, while I admitted to liking the sound of Savage’s voice, I would definitely hesitate in buying an audiobook read by her in the future.


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