Buggy’s Review and Giveaway for A Love by any Measure by Killian McRae

I’m very pleased to be participating in Killian McRae’s Book/Blog Tour for this novel! If you are interested in a full list of participants in this tour, please visit Tulipe Noire Press. Don’t hesitate to visit some of the other blogs listed for other chances to win a copy of this book, read interviews from the author, and get different points of view on the book itself! Our friend at The Geeky Chic will be hosting an interview with Killian on the 27th so be sure to stop by and visit her!

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So yes, this is both a review and giveaway. The lovely Killian has given us permission to host a giveaway for an eBook copy of this novel! And since it is an eBook, this giveaway is open internationally. But before I go into details about the giveaway, I will provide you with a quick review.

Book Description from Goodreads

An Irish lass. An English lord.
A love that overcomes all boundaries.

August Grayson has secretly dreamt of the girl living on his family’s Irish estate since childhoods spent together in Killarney. Now a proper Lord of the British Empire, he knows that Maeve could never be more than just a distant fantasy. Still, if only…

Maeve O’Connor owns nothing in this world but her good name, which proves just enough to win a proposal for a marriage of convenience to a good, Irish lad. Until the wedding, however, she’s in dire straits. Rent on the cottage she and her father share is due, but there simply isn’t the money to pay. Driven to desperation, Maeve hopes Lord Grayson, her childhood-chum-turned-dashing-English-rogue, will prove lenient when she comes seeking clemency.

The temptation presented proves too much, and August offers Maeve a compromise: should she permit him twice as long on each succeeding visit to do whatever he wishes in pursuit of his pleasure, he will consider her rent paid. Starting with a mere five seconds, pulses soon out race the ticking clock, as August’s desires become Maeve’s own. Passion blinds them to the challenges closing in on both the Irish and English fronts, threatening to destroy the love they’ve discovered.

Working to bridge that which divides them, tempting fate with each stolen kiss, and torn between desire and obligation, Maeve and August must strive to overcome all and find a love by any measure…


I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Not only does McRae do an excellent job of incorporating historical moments within her story line, she has some truly memorable characters as well. And the romance scenes had this feline blushing all the way to the tips of her ears. ~fans self with tail~

If you are a fan of historical novels, then this is a must add to your collection. Set in Ireland, and later England and Boston, during the years of 1866 and 1872, McRae touches upon the Fenian Brotherhood and their rebellion, and provides her own unique reason for why the Great Boston Fire of 1872 occurred. Though each event is only briefly discussed, McRae’s characters unknowingly dance around and through both, often with results that are heartbreaking to read.

I was also greatly pleased to discover the use of several Irish Gaelic phrases throughout the book. Having recently studied the language, I was proud to realize that I could understand what was being said without the translation later provided by other characters. Yeah, that’s right, I’m one of a few cats outside of Ireland who actually speak Gaelic, and I’m proud of it. But as I said, you don’t have to be a speaker of Gaelic to understand what is being said because McRae provides the translation shortly afterwards.

As for the main characters, Maeve and August are two characters that you will both love and hate. I, personally, could not stand August at the start of the book, but he quickly grew into a character that I loved and wanted to see succeed. The chemistry between the two of them is white-hot. But the pain they put each other through is also very powerful and there were several moments where I wanted to knock some sense into them both. Theirs is a relationship that you want to see succeed despite all the forces that keep pulling them apart.

Like I mentioned earlier, the events in the book take place during the years 1866 and 1872. McRae divides her chapters according to setting and year, so half the story is told in Killarney, Ireland in 1866 and the other half is told in Boston, Massachusetts in 1872. The intervening years are told through flashbacks and help provide details into the events taking place in Boston. In other words, there is a mystery within this story, and you are only given a few pieces of the puzzle with each flashback. And this is another reason I loved the book so much: there is so much more going on than you originally are led to believe.

Truly, this is a book that I intend to read again at some point. It had all that I wanted in a historical romance and more. I will definitely be checking out McRae’s next historical romance in the future!


And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for…the giveaway! ~throws confetti into the air~ This event will run from now (November 22, 2011) until 11:59 PDT on November 30, 2011. Open Internationally!

So what do you have to do for this one? Simple, leave a comment/question along with your email address so that we have a way of getting in touch with the winner.

Winner will be chosen using Random.org. Good luck to all who enter!

And the winner is…Tabitha Davis! ~purrs and tail waves~ We shall be notifying the author of your win. Please keep an eye on your email box for a message from her requesting further info and happy reading, 🐱

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  1. Kittehs, do you read a lot of romance? Or not very much? What do you think of the Twilight books?


    • Buggy here. Since this is my post, I will be answering on behalf of all the felines. 🐱

      I enjoy a good historical romance, though admittedly I read them mostly for the historical events rather than the romance itself. Occasionally, however, I will find myself getting caught up in the romance like I did with this book.

      Willow loves to read paranormal romance. She’s got a long list of books from this genre that she enjoys, though her ultimate favorites are hot shifters. Give her the opportunity and she will yowl your ear off about her fantasy shifter lovers. ~rolls eyes~

      Sara will read romance stories on occasion, but she won’t actively seek them out. That is, unless of course they are part of the genre she prefers. A lot of YA has romance in it these days, but it’s not nearly as intense as what is found in adult novels.

      As far as Twilight goes, the books have been read and that is all I will say on that topic. I was raised to believe that if you can’t say something nice, it is best to not say anything at all.

      • You are too funny!! I have the Twilight books but have not yet gotten around to reading them. I have seen the first two movies.
        Kittehs, can you tell me, is there such a thing at a zombie romance? I am guessing not, because of all the ooze.
        Thanks for answering!

  2. Look what the cat dragged in.


  3. I love Reading, So of Course I Write! The Description of this Book Sounds Delicious!

  4. Wow, thanks so much for your very kind words, and also for participating in the Blog Tour!

    • Very pleased to have been able to participate in the tour and to have been given the chance to read your book. Please keep us posted for when you decide to release your next historical romance! 🐱

  5. Ohh I love the description for this book and the reviews I’ve read, including the one by The Geeky Chic, has definitely hooked me. Fascinating characters and a beautiful setting! I have to get my hands on this one way or another 🙂

  6. This contest is closed. Winner will be announced Thursday night/Friday morning.