Something to Hiss About: Piracy and Plagiarism

It recently has been brought to our attention that Cyndi Tefft, author of the E-book Between, is dealing with piracy issues. Meanwhile a fellow book reviewer and blogging friend whom we felines adore, Jaime from Two Chicks on Books, has discovered that two different websites have decided to plagiarise her review on Between. We felines frown on this type of behavior! Stealing and taking credit for another person’s work is deplorable. It not only hurts the writer that you are stealing from, it hurts you, the thief, as well. When you steal from another it shows that you have little to no confidence in your own writing ability and that you have no morals.

We felines are sick that two very dear friends are stuck facing this issue right now. Both Cyndi and Jaime are two loving individuals who are always ready to offer a warm welcome and smile. They do not deserve this kind of treatment. No one does! The very idea that anyone would engage in this type of behavior makes us want to scratch the evil doers eyes out. Yes, we felines are pissed and we are not afraid to admit it!

With the kind permission of Jaime, at Two Chicks on Books, we are posting her blog post on this topic (minus the contest) down below. Please visit her site to see the original post and to enter the contest she is hosting! Thanks. 🐱


Piracy and Plagiarism What Should I Do?

Hey All Jaime here!

So many of you know that I’m very vocal about plagiarism and book pirating on twitter. Bloggers stealing from bloggers has been a hot topic as of late as well as pirating.  I had not been in that group affected, but many of my friends had and that pissed me off!

Well, today I found out from my dear friend Cyndi Tefft, whom is also an author, that her book Between, which I adored is being pirated.  Not only has it been pirated, but my review of it was plagiarized on two sites that pirate ebooks and I am absolutely sick about it! How can I get them to take it down? Can I report them? This is all new for me, so I have no clue. I debated posting the site info here, but I don’t know if I should do that. I don’t want them to have any more traffic, so I won’t post links, but the site names are EBOOKEE and WaZ WaReZ. These sites have done two illegal things now pirating books and plagiarizing a review from our blog, which is copyrighted. I love books and to see them being pirated is bad enough, but adding my review to help do that?  I don’t even know I’m at a loss for words.

So, what advice do you all have?  I’d really love to hear your thoughts!  I know Cyndi has e-mailed the sites to have the content removed, but I don’t know if that will work.


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