What Are We Doing In October?

Greetings fellow What the Cat Read followers!

Cameron here to give you a heads up on what all will be happening here on the blog as we head into October!

First off, we will be playing catch up on all the reviews that we said we would write. The books all got read, but I dropped the ball on posting the reviews. Sadly September was just not my month and for that I do humbly apologize. I promise that from here on out I will keep on top of things. And if I don’t, I’ve given the felines permission to punish me in whatever form they find fit. They’ve made it clear that I’ve been a bad human and so do not deserve cookies or anything sweet. Sigh

Thus, you can expect to see reviews for Amanda Ashby’s Fairy Bad Day, Kiersten White’s Supernaturally, Molly Harper’s Jane Jameson Series, Jeanne Kalogridis’s The Devil’s Queen, as well as my book/movie reviews for Dune and Princess Bride. Willow has decided to hold off on writing up her review on Thea Harrison’s Dragon Bound until after she has read Storm’s Heart which is the second book of the series.

Along with these belated reviews, and again I apologize for falling behind on the posts, Sara, Willow, and Buggy will also be reading a few horror novels in honor of Halloween as well as reviewing the movies that spun from the books. Current choices are Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Also in the line up, the cats will be reading Marie Lu’s Legend (Sara is finishing this up as I type this post), and Sandy Williams’s The Shadow Reader. I know that they have other books which they plan to read, but at this present time they are refusing to say what they are. Yes, I’m being given the silent treatment by my own felines. 😦

So, that is what our plans are for next month! Here’s hoping that everything goes according to plan. I really do not want to imagine what sort of punishment these three can come up with. ~shudders~

Until the Mid-Month Update, happy reading all!


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  1. Looking forward to the reviews!

    Wow, those cats certainly are cruel, aren’t they? I know kitties can be secretive, but they should at least share things with their human, eh?

    • It’s my own fault for lapsing as badly as I did last month on getting their reviews up. Last time I was given the silent treatment by them it was because I was out of town for two weeks. And prior to that it was because I got upset at Willow for locking me out of the house at 2 in the morning (long story here. I’ll probably blog about it eventually).

      These next few days will be spent trying to get back into their social graces. Sigh