Mid-September Update

Greetings fellow felines and readers!

Yes, it’s been awhile since there’s been an update, and for that I wish to apologize. Things here in the feline home have been hectic that last two and a half weeks, and I can’t really blame the cats as they’ve been diligently reading and writing up their reviews. Sadly, the fault for lack of posts rests entirely on my shoulders. Okay, not entirely. Our service provider is also to blame. But still in the end I’m the who is in charge of the management of this blog and so bear the brunt of the blame.

So first let me put everyone’s minds at rest and say that everyone here is doing well. Buggy, Sara, and Willow are healthy, happy, and send purrs to everyone. I myself am doing well and am very happy to be able to post this update. 🐱

As to the reasons for why things have been silent, I’ll briefly summarize what has been going on. At the end of August, we got hit with a serious heat wave which forced most of us to find active ways to stay cool. This included not using the computer for more than an hour at any given time in order to prevent it from overheating. After the heat, we had a personal emergency which left me with little desire to do much but the bare necessities. Then, in what has been called an unprecedented event for our city, we got hit with the mother of all blackouts. Yep, that’s right. If you watch the news or live in San Diego County, you know what I’m talking about. Being without power for ten hours was an interesting experience and not one that I or the cats want to repeat any time soon. So, after the power was restored, we discovered that our internet, though working, has been running excruciatingly slow. At this time, we are still dealing with this issue though it is my hope to have everything up and fully running come Saturday. ~crosses fingers~ Please check our Twitter account or our Facebook Fan page for an update that evening.

And that’s what has been going on here. Fun times, huh?

Well, I bet you’re all wondering what is coming up for the rest of this month. So with that in mind, I now turn this update over to the felines. First up is Sara. ;D


Murr! Hi, everyone! Did you miss me? I’ve got a ton of books that I’m working through and some are titles that I know many of you are just dying to read. Murr! But I’m here to talk about what reviews are coming up. My first one for the month is Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby, followed by Supernaturally by Kiersten White. I’ll also be posting my review of Marie Lu’s, Legend. This review will also be posted on the website Good Choice Reading as part of a blog tour. I’m so honored to be able to participate in this tour, especially since we were late in signing up! Murr! I’ll talk more about this at a later time though. Keep watching our fan page for more info. Murr! So that does it for me at this time. Now let me see if I can pull Willow out from behind her book to give you her update.


Willow here. I trust you all have been keeping out of mischief because I know I haven’t! (Hehehe) So I’m suppose to update you on what I’ve been up to, huh? Well, first, I cornered this big spider and…~pauses to listen to voice in background~ What do you mean I am only allowed to talk about what I’ve been doing reading wise?! Where’s the fun in that? ~listens more~ Alright, alright, I get it…books only. ~cough~Spoil sport~cough~ Okay, so you know I’ve been reading Lilian Jackson Braun’s Cat Who series, right? Well, I’m currently waiting for Cameron to pull her copy of The Cat Who Wasn’t There off the shelf so as to continue with it. Yeah, I know, I could just jump up onto the shelf and get it myself, but I sort of promised that I wouldn’t do that anymore after I got lectured after dropping one of her ARCs into our water dish. I didn’t mean for it to land in the water, I swear! But now because of it I have to wait until someone can get a book for me, which sucks because it was only that one time! The rest of the books have always landed exactly where I intended them to land. Okay so there was that time when one landed on Sara’s head. Totally an accident, but you’d have thought…~pauses to listen again and cringes~ Um…yeah book reviews…um, I have reviews for Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison and books 1-3 of the Jane Jameson series by Molly Harper. Look for these to be posted sometime next week! Um, Buggy?! You’re up! ~runs away before she gets into trouble again~


Two years younger than me and she still acts like she’s a kitten! ~sighs in disgust and then composes herself~ Good evening everyone. My review for the month will be on The Devil’s Queen: A Novel of Catherine de Medici by Jeanne Kalogridis. It was my original plan to have this review posted last month, but as you have undoubtedly been informed, various events prevented my plan from succeeding. Oh well, life goes on. After talking with Cameron, we agreed that it would be nice to honor Banned Books Week which runs from September 24 to October 1 of this year. For this event, I will be reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Stay tuned to our Twitter account for more information on Banned Books Week as it approaches. And with that, I return control of this post back over to Cameron who will tell you of what she will be doing for the remainder of this month. Goodnight everyone and stay out of trouble.


Thanks Buggy. And thank you Sara and Willow for sharing your updates with everyone as well.

On September 1st I got into a spot of trouble online. While writing a few quick updates on my personal Twitter account, I admitted to author Sarwat Chadda that I had never read The Princess Bride by William Goldman, even though I have owned the book for many years and seen the movie countless times. Yes, I know what I just said is blasphemy, but you have to understand that there are just too many books out there for just one person to read by herself! Sadly this book, like so many others, fell by the wayside. Anyways,  Sarwat’s immediate response was that I stop everything and read it, adding also that the movie is one of the most quoted movies out there. He then said that, Dune, was another movie worth quoting. Well, this is where I got into trouble. I, being the type of person who likes to be honest, confessed that I had never read Dune by Frank Herbert nor seen the movie. As a result of this confession, I was told that I had until the end of this month to read the book before being tested on it. Now, I don’t know how serious Sarwat is, but his response was enough to make me go and get a copy of the book to read! It was also the incentive I needed to find my copy of The Princess Bride. So, though this blog was designed for the cats to share their opinions on the books they read, I thought it would be fun to post a few reviews of my own. Having said that, before this month is out I’ll be posting my thoughts on both the novel and movie versions of The Princess Bride and Dune. This should get interesting. ;D


Well, that’s where we stand on this 15th of September. Again, I wish to apologize for the delay in updates. Silence is not always golden and I do solemnly promise not to let such a thing happen again.

Until the next update, keep reading everyone!





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